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11 Pro- Cleaning Tips For Keeping A (Relatively) Clean Hardwood Floor With Kids

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This is a guest post by Sury Jane.

Parenting doesn’t leave room for perfection. Especially keeping the home clean and maintaining it. Every mom has to re-wire their brain and choose kids over perfection. Having little children at home, gives you an extra responsibility of keeping your environment clean at the same time not restricting your kids from having fun.

No matter how hard you rewire, keeping your home as clean as possible is a must, especially hardwood floors. You will greatly need quick cleaning tips to maintain your hardwood floors shine and cleanliness.

So how will you clean it? Consider these quick cleaning tips and you’ll be done in no time.

1. Always sweep your hardwood floor using fine, soft bristle broom. Every time you see dust or dirt, sweep the floor; it would only take about a few seconds of your time.

2. You should vacuum your hardwood floor twice every week but others prefer to vacuum their floor only once every week to reduce scratching. To ensure that your floor is free from any scratch, use the soft brush vacuum attachment.

3. Your floor has many enemies, and one deadly enemy is water. Once you see a water spill on your hardwood floor, remove it right away. Wet spills should be removed as soon as possible using a vacuum (wet/dry) or soft towels. Make sure that the floor is thoroughly dried otherwise this will be the start of your floors deterioration.

4. A hardwood floor can be ruined easily if water seeps into its seams. If you want to mop your wooden floor, use only a damp mop (especially with polyurethane floors). Never use a mop that is soaking wet.

5. There are designated traffic areas in your home. In these specific areas, you can use carpet runners over your hardwood floors. Ensure that your carpet has non-skid pads to avoid any accidents. This not only protects your little ones from sliding but also protects your floor from constant scratching.

6. Vacuum your carpet runners and area rugs often so that the dirt doesn’t filter through the weaves. When dust and dirt build up underneath them, it can scratch the wood.

7. As much as possible, avoid wearing high heels and heavy shoes over your hardwood floors because they can cause unwanted dents.

8. When rearranging your furniture, don’t drag them and other heavy objects across your hardwood floor. Clean your floor and remove dirt or dust thoroughly. Use gliding pads for your furniture and slide them across your floor.

9. Make sure that you put floor mats on every doorway so that the shoes can’t carry dirt to your hardwood floor.

10. Follow every manufacturer’s recommendation with regards to treating your floors dents and scratches. Try to avoid any area to be damaged by water because it’s quite difficult to repair.

11. Not all hardwood floors require buffing and waxing. So before applying any on your floor, seek the help of the manufacturer.

So there you have it, eleven quick cleaning tips. If you carefully observe these tips, you will find it easier to clean your floors.

By taking care of your hardwood floors, you can preserve its life and you get to enjoy your homes cleanliness. Not only that, you don’t want to restrict your kids from having fun at the same time your guests and visitors will take notice of the floors cleanliness every time they visit your home.

How do you manage to keep your home free from  messes. Share your tips and  thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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