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Beginner Craft Ideas DIY

5 Easy Craft Ideas

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Many moms wish to do crafts but most of them complaint about lack of time and interest. Yes whatever work we wish to do in our free time is secondary, because taking care of the family comes on priority. However good we are in doing our leisure work we cannot enjoy the delight unless or until we are good in taking care of the kids. My personal advice is start up the craft work with simple easy DIY(Do it Yourself) ideas which doesn’t require more time to complete. Once you have gained confidence on doing simple craft projects you can jump into some tough projects and work on it by breaking the timings. This way your family doesn’t miss you , you can spend your boring time in a passionate way.

These simple easy craft ideas gonna feed your passion and interest in an adorable way. Mom’s! Don’t get surprised by frequent visits of your neighbors just to watch your craft work. Believe me. It happens.

1.Sharpie Mugs

Happy customized coffee mugs.


You Need:
Oil based Sharpie Marker
Ceramic Mug

Write whatever quote you like on the mug and let it dry then bake for 30 minutes at 350 degree Fahrenheit. Bake it twice to really set the sharpie drawings on the mug.Always wash the mug manually its better to avoid washing in dish washer.

2. Button Decorative Bowl:



You Need:

Any cup or jar
Assorted colours of buttons of your choice

  • Inflate the balloon and tie the end.
  • Place the tied end in the mouth of the cup and apply the glue on half of the balloon with a paint brush.
  • Let the first layer dry.
  • Again coat the balloon with the glue and attach buttons until the glued area is filled with the flat buttons.
  • Now let the layer of the buttons and glue dry,it may take 6 hours or more.
  • Once the second layer is completely dry give another coating of glue over the buttons forming the third layer.
  • Let it sit for overnight to dry and if desired you can apply a fourth layer of glue to strengthen your bowl even more.
  • When your bowl is completely ready slowly let the air out from the balloon by cutting the knot with scissors, sometimes dried glue will drip down so just use the scissors snip any unwanted glue.

3. Convertible Necklace Headband :



You need :

Any necklace 18 inches long or more

Elastic hair band


Needle nose pilers

To do:

  • Using the nose pilers add the elastic hair band to one of the jump rings.If the necklace doesnt have any jump rings add one by your own.
  • On the other end of the necklace open the lobster clip and add the elastic band
  •  If it fits perfectly on your head, then you’re all set,if not, try using a different size elastic band to adjust.


4.Colour Code for Keys :


You Need:


Nail Polish

A little remembrance(if you spare some more time you can associate the painting colour with the doors or the specific place like green for garden,blue for pool etc..)

To do :

This is a simple project about saving time on searching for the specific keys.Just paint the keys using the nail polish so that you never want to spend an extra second fumbling for the right key.But keeping the key somewhere and searching for it is another story which you have to take care of!


5.Artificial flower vase from an egg carton:


Making artificial flowers using egg carton is a fun project which can be done using simple materials.

You Need :

Egg carton
Metal wire (can be found in floral section)
Paper cup
Foam tray(found in floral section to make the flowers to stand)

To do :

  • Cut the each egg holding space seperately and cut in a shape like a flower.Make as many flowers you needed and keep aside.
  • Paint the flowers with the colors you like.
  • Now pin the metal wire in the centre of each flower.To add some extra detail you can add a small petal looking like pollens in each flower at the centre.
  • Once all the flowers are ready pin it in the foam tray and place it in the paper cup.If you wish you can paint the paper cup too.
  • Thats it beautiful artificial flower with a vase is ready to be kept in showcase.



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