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5 Simple Steps To Make Your Kid’s Meal Time Fun Filled

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This post is exclusive for all toddlers and mommies who feel their meal time is a bit of a struggle.I know there are many parents looking for any trick to make the kid’s mealtime as easy as ever including me.However, this is never gonna be easy or considered to ba a fun time unless we parents stop involving the external factors.

I was one of the mom who encouraged my kid to watch videos occasionally during her meal time to make my job easier and I feel ashamed of it.Recently I came to know a fact about video’s involvement in my kid’s digestion and that’s the moment I decided to make the mealtime videos-free. There was a period where children had their food just by playing or hearing stories but now without using mobiles or T.V meal time cannot happen in any home.

I am really worried and dont wanna whine about instead I am writing this post as a letter to those parents who cannot feed their baby without playing videos.

I know feeding baby is not any easy job and I have experienced it.But it’s time to change your feeding method as it is doing zero goodness to your baby. There is a common myth/mistake/belief (whatever you wanna sound it) among parents who believes feeding is all about making your baby swallowing the food.Once kid has been fed they could get all the nutrients from the food no matter how forcefully was it. That is completely absurd.

What we actually do while feeding?

  • Playing Some videos like rhymes or stories.
  • Making your kid unaware of what we gonna do.
  • When your kid’s concentration is completely on the T.V or mobile you feed them.
  • Still, the kid is not swallowing the food, then a spoon of water will make them swallow it.
  • This is how an actual meal time is happening in any home.

Take a minute and just give a thought, Is it Right?Are your kids getting all the nutrition from the food? Are the eating menu and the eating method is healthy? Brace yourself and accept the truth.We are not doing any good for our kid. This is the time we need to rethink our attitude and bring some healthy changes.I have tried this and still making progress but really you need a huge amount of patience to accomplish it. I don’t wanna sugarcoat it.This is not any one week job.

How to make your kids enjoy the meal time:

How many parents does know child’s digestion starts from their eyes? This is what we gonna discuss in the post and 5 steps to make your kid enjoy the meal time gradually.

1.Talk about the Menu before Feeding:

Yes, digestion starts when the child looks at the food you gonna serve to your kid.The body is prepared for the meal time by secreting digestion enzymes.Once the kid is aware you should start feeding your kid.Never feed your kid without making them aware it interferes with the digestion part.Discussing the menus makes them focus on the food.You can use words like it’s their favourite, tastes yummy and their tummy will be happy on having this food etc..I still include my daughter while cooking for her something special.

2.Switch off the T.V & Mobile Phones:

Get rid of the mobile phones or T.V rather choose a good story book and start reading them stories while you feed your baby in the initial stages.Once your baby has seen the second birthday it’s time to wean the feeding habit and teach them to have food on their own(self feed).

3.Encourage Self Feed: 

Gradually let your kid have food on their own.Let them make a mess, do not restrict or discourage them complaining about the after clean up work.Normally kids love to repeat the work if they are encouraged regardless accomplished or not.To make the self feed more interesting serve the foods in the form they like. You can attract the kids by serving healthy veggies and fruits in any funny cartoon presentations.

4.Meal Time- Family Time:

Meal time should be absolutely family time.While parents having food give the kids their own food on a seperate bowl and encourage to have along with you. This habit will kindle your baby’s attitude to do their task on their own.They obviously enjoy spending time with family.

5.Teach Kids to understand their hunger cues & ask for food:

Final & ultimate step is to make your kids feel the hunger.Kids should be aware when they are feeling hungry and making your kids aware when they are hunger and teaching them to ask for food is a real challenge.However, Parents should understand the hunger cues of their kid even before saying it.

I know, this is the toughest part because you need to control the urge of feeding them before they may ask.Another reason making this part tougher is many kids never admit their hunger as they feel meal time very intimidating. So it takes a lot more time to teach that.A common problem in dealing with this final step is you mommies will soon fall in to the guilty part of making your baby starving. But don’t worry, you can manage the nutrients loss by giving them milk and some fruits, veggies in a juice form apart from the solids.

Following these simple(bit tougher…sshhh) 5 steps consistently will lead to a feeding-free meal time of your kid and I am sure it is always gonna be a fun time:).Start making a healthy meal time change,it’seems never too late after all we are the parents who promised our little ones to provide a better world.

Happy Mealtime with Happy Parenting!

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