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Craft time With Kids

DIY Picture Caterpillar – Craft time with Kids

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12 Months Caterpillar:

This Caterpillar DIY craft was done for my daughter’s first birthday and the theme of her birthday was Forest theme.Not to mention, this Forest Theme Birthday Party Decoration was a super  hit among my neighbours and all kids.First of all this caterpillar idea is not tagged with the forest theme,it can be included in any first bday parties irrespective of any theme. This is a great craft idea which can be used for representing the months gone with the cute photos of your kid.It’s kind of time line  and memories thing.Fun part of this craft idea is arranging the photos and making the face part of the caterpillar.

Not only as a birthday decoration idea it is a great project to work with your kids.You and your kid can create this lovely caterpillar with some funny expressions and can paste your family photos, any special occasions etc.., which makes your kid feel proud on creating something for his parents. Spending quality time with your kids helps your child’s future in a better way. How does you spending time with your kids helps them ? To know more click the below link.

Craft time with kids – For better future

Getting back to the caterpillar project please follow the instructions below.

Materials Required :

Construction paper of multicolour (bought it in Micheal’s)

12 Months stickers(you can find it online,bought in amazon.com)


Black sketch pen

Your baby’s photo of each month.

Method :

1.Make ready of all the photos of your babies printed.

2.Cut in the 13  round shapes in each construction paper.

3. Just paste the photos and that stickers to make note of which photo was taken on which month.

4.Now comes the head part which gonna give the life to the caterpillar,just paste the goggly eyes of the same size in one of the round shaped paper and with the help of yarn just make a small pom-pom and paste it as a nose then with the help of sketch or any sticker draw the mouth.Draw a droplet-like sketch on the paper and cut it through,paste it above the eye for giving a surprised look on the caterpillar.


5.At last the leg part just draw in a paper of  how you like the leg to be and cut two legs for each segment and give an outline on the leg ,paste it from behind the segment.

6.Now the caterpillar is ready and just paste the segments in what shape you needed(linear,zig-zag etc..)following one after the other.

That’s It! An adorable  surprised caterpillar is waiting in your wall to surprise your guests. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and pictures, give it a try and let me know how it came.Comment & Share if you like my post.Thanks!


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