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7 Simple Steps To Establish A Healthy Bedtime Routine For Your Toddlers

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Being a blogger with my 20 months old daughter is always fun and she is my inspiration to start this site.Although. finding time to write is so hard. There was no way I could spend time with her and as well as write something for my blog. I was obsessed with finding the tricks to formulate my schedule. I believe in healthy parenting and I can never abandon my kid for spending time with my thoughts and pen. After some struggle, I understood I should focus on creating some healthy routines for my daughter so that we both can have our private quality time. Speaking of routine, kids are so predictive and establishing routines help them understand the situation and what to expect.

Creating and stabilizing bedtime routine is one of the healthy habits to start with. A great bedtime routine alerts your toddler to the fact that bedtime is approaching and it can also serve to relax your child. The consistent happening make helps your baby or toddler fall asleep quickly and calmly. But how can you establish the perfect toddler bedtime routine? These 7 awesome tips would do the magic.

1. Bedtime Routine Starts From Winding Down:

Bedtime is not taking your kids to the bed once the dinner and brushing are done. It’s kind of preparing your kid that he or she gonna settle in bed in some time. So start shifting towards some quieter more relaxing activities from 20 to 30 minutes before settling in bed. This will help you in dealing with bedtime tantrums.

2. Bathing before bedtime (Not suitable for all Kids):

I know most of the Mom practices the bathtime before bed. Some kid finds warm bath a bit relaxing. But as per me ” bath isn’t always a good element in a bedtime routine “. I am from India and since we never bath our toddlers in the night time which would make their health worse I’m recommending this habit here. My kid gets cold or sometimes even fever if she has taken a bath during night time. But if it works out for your kid then you can go ahead.

3. Dress Appropriately For a Bedtime:

Dress plays an important role when it comes to sleep. Kids cannot sleep peacefully when their dress is too tight which may suffocate them or they cannot sleep with a tank top during winter. So wearing appropriate dress depending on the season makes them feel very comfortable. Bedtime resisting toddlers can be calmed by allowing them to choose the dress for bedtime.

4. Offer some snack or a glass of milk for high energy toddlers:

Some kids tend to wake in the night due to hunger so try offering some healthy snack or a glass of milk before sleep. This avoids your baby to wake in the midnight. Long sleep helps with better brain development. Make sure your kids brushes her teeth before getting into bed.

5. Bedtime Stories is always a healthy option:

Once your kids are settled in bed, sit with them and read a story. If possible allow them to engage with you by asking them to turn the storybook page for you. Ask them to complete the storyline in the end. Storytime always helps kids to develop their reading skills. It also helps with your kid’s imagination and creativity. Some kids get more energy while hearing adventurous stories which may be not a good idea during bedtime routine. Tell them some soothing stories which may calm them.

6. Give a definitive end to your bedtime routine:

Your child should be aware of the start and ending of the bedtime routine. It helps them to adjust and what to expect. Your kids cannot sleep suddenly once your story is finished. SO have winding down activity like singing a song or lullaby, you could say any phrase or even a prayer or any special night light. This is a way of telling that bedtime routine is going to be over once this activity is done. After that don’t continue with the songs or story.

Initial days your kids find it hard but over time they will understand this phrase or song means it’s time to fall asleep.Don’t ever continue your routine until your kids fall asleep. Then its never gonna end. Your kids should learn to sleep by themselves, not with any external help.

7. Start your Bedtime routine at the same time each night:

Consistency is very important here. After all its “routine” which should be established consistently. Have some alarm or reminder for the initial days and automatically you and your kids both will cope up with the routine. Soon you can create a routine for doing your own work because you know when your kid gonna sleep and when you can sit alone.

By this way, you can establish a healthy bedtime routine for your toddlers and you can have some private time for you to work on your passion as I do my writing.

So what’s your unique bedtime routine story? Do you try something different? Share your experience and suggestions with me in the comments section.

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    Right now, I’m an epic failure at getting my kids calmed down before bed! The youngest and oldest are jumping on the sof and the middle is trying to intervene. So much for trying to get a few blog articles reviewed before putting the kids to bed. I have to stop it before it goes too far!