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Appetizers & Snacks


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An appetizer is part of a meal that’s served before to pique the appetite or to moderate the hunger.The term appetizer(or hors d’oeuvre) refers to the part of a meal one may indulge in prior to the chef’s masterpiece. All through history , people who had the means to secure large quantities of food believed that by serving a variety of successive courses beginning with finger foods,many of which were often on salty side stimulates the appetite and everyone can have the conversation experience and enjoy the stretching meal time.

Appetizers were typically available throughout a meal but after then the succession of courses became common practice the term appetizer entered the common usage, as appetizers were becoming a refined aspect of the meal becoming a separate course together.

By knowing the history and people’s interest towards this delicious course of meal how could I resist on creating a separate post for Appetizers. Here you can find all appetizers recipes and have a great start-up for your family meal time.


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