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Cuddle Your Babies

Art Of Parenting

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Hi folks,

I like to share some thoughts about PARENTING in this blog.

First, I need to keep a question here.
What is parenting?

Please take a minute and think of it.I know most of your answer was”taking care of kid’s health,providing nutritious foods,good shelter,clothing, quality education and raising them with discipline.
Of course, these are some vital things that a kid should get.

Being a parent is really fun and satisfying in a way we can’t fully imagine until we have a child and its really hard work -more work that you can imagine until you’ve done it.

“Parenting is a vitally important job of raising the next generation”

To do that responsible pleasurable task most parents miss a part,you have a guess?

Yes, parenting is not only looking after the child physically.Every child expects their parents to be a mental pillar-pillars that support the child both emotionally and physically to have an impression that parents would be there whenever the child needs help.

The emotional part is mostly fulfilled by spending quality private time with your children.They just expect to be heard by you.

Many people especially some annoying neighbours gives you some free advice in parenting.Especially while we spend a lot of time or keep our kids always pampered they just complain us and advise us not to do that.Better shut off the ears for that advice.

Just believe in your instinct called parenting instinct.You are the ones who completely know about your child.If you wanna spend time just do it,play with them,kiss them a lot,cuddle them.If they expect you just spend time.Doing that way your baby would trust you a lot and start feeling secure and comfortable. They understand how concerned you are when they look for you and also she stops pretending to grab your attention.

Simply said, “Our child starts respecting our feeling when we respect theirs”.

Give the best parenting to your child,”CUDDLE YOUR BABY – THEY NEED IT”

Thanks guys for reading my post ,let me talk about something,yeah it’s All About Babies in my next blog.


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