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Cuddle Your Babies

Being a Father

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Hi Dads,

What you all exclaimed!yes you guessed it right.This blog is exclusively for the dads who is being in the phase of bonding or trying to bond with your kids.

Daddy has such an important role in their child’s life. Most fathers do not know where to start. Mothers usually feel the maternal bond immediately, but what about dad? The baby is finally, in a sense, real to them so it’s time to brace up yourselves and get ready for a lovely journey called fatherhood.

One thing all dads have to understand here is paternal bonding is not the one which starts once the baby is born.Actually, it starts when your baby is in the womb. According to the studies, ultrasound can play an important role for a  paternal bond. Talking, singing, touching mother’s belly also help for a father to create a bond with a baby.

You know a fetus can hear sounds at their 16th week of pregnancy.Isn’t awesome dads?I see here a great opportunity  to bond with the kids by talking a lot to them.And this worked in my life too…My daughter started recognizing her dad’s voice when she was in the womb itself.

But bonding with baby during pregnancy alone will not pave a way for lifelong fatherhood trip.It has other phases so dads have to be ready to take on those upcoming responsibilities as a dad.
Obviously, the next phase starts right after the birth. It depends on how much father is involved into the labor,whole pregnancy process and post pregnancy.

Start building a rapport with your newborn.Fathers are often bumbling when caring for newborns. Fathers are sometimes considered secondhand nurturers, nurturing the mother as she nurtures the baby. That’s only half the story. Fathers have their own unique way of relating to babies, and babies thrive on this difference.They can feel you as like their moms.only thing is it takes time so do not expect it too fast or get disappointed too soon.Spend time with them,help them in changing diapers,sing some songs,make weird noises and faces they might enjoy it.Most importantly try to calm your baby when they cry,try them to put asleep when they feel cranky these all some tips to work out to be a better dad.Actually, it also helps mom too.

Recent studies have suggested that children whose fathers are actively involved with them from birth are more likely to be emotionally secure, confident in exploring their surroundings, have better social connections with peers as they grow older, are less likely to get in trouble at home and at school, and are less likely to use drugs and alcohol. Children with fathers who are nurturing, involved, and playful also turn out to have higher IQs and better linguistic and cognitive capacities.

The next important phase bit longer phase that starts once your baby is on his own like playing ,eating stuff like that.Babies always love to be heard by their parents.So talk a lot.As we all know men are more “rough and tumble” with their toddlers and children, and encourage the most risk-taking behaviour. “They also use a very different vocabulary with their children, often using complicated words where mothers tend to adjust their language down. This helps to broaden the child’s vocabulary,”Does it sounds great?

Not only talking the way that fathers play with their children can be important as well. Fathers tend to spend more time in playful, physical activities with their children, which researchers believe helps children learn to regulate their emotions and resist the urge to act on aggressive impulses. Fathers also tend to encourage independence and achievement, in contrast to the nurturing and protective nature of mothers, both of which play an important role in a child’s healthy development.

Dads you are always their hero!You set their role model.So I guess by this blog you would have known how much your paternal bond is important and how does the best fatherhood have a good impact on your kid’s behaviour.

Paternal bonding is such a precious gift you would give them.Cuddle your kids-They really need it.Meet you all in another fantastic topic.Yeah ! No doubt it’s ALL ABOUT BABIES.


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