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Newborn Care

Bonding With Your Newborn & Soothing Techniques

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Bonding With Your Newborn :

Your bundle of joy has arrived so what’s next? Bonding simply called “falling in love with your baby”is the primary play now. It is the most pleasurable aspect of infant care.I know every parent loves their child before even seeing them but bonding is something, you showing your baby that he /she is loved unconditionally. Every child thrives for the unconditional love.The basic technique for bonding is skin-to-skin,holding your newborn against your own skin and make them feel the warmth and secure.Both parents can try this technique while cradling your baby. Automatically babies feel this bonding with their mom very soon as they are being nursed.

Soothing Techniques :

Bonding attachments always help your baby with emotional growth.So your physical touch is more important.You can give some gentle taps n their back in a pattern. Still, my daughter loves me giving her strokes while sleeping.

Cradling :

Cradling your baby helps them know more about you,it gives you a chance to converse with your baby.


Swaddling your baby is an ultimate technique to keep your baby warm.Not only the warmth it gives your baby a sense of security and comfort.But babies should not be swaddled after 2 months old because any minute they can roll over while swaddled which may lead to some serious risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

How Swaddling Can Be Done :

Below picture explains easily how to swaddle your baby and some tips to remember while swaddling is.

Pictorial representation
                                                   Pictorial representation


Tips on Safe Swaddling :

The blanket should not be very tight which makes your baby very uncomfortable for breathing.

Once Swaddling is done make sure you can slip a hand between the blanket and your baby’s chest.

Vocal Sounds :

Babies love to hear voices like talking,babbling,cooing and singing.It’s like they assure that you are around him/her which makes them feel safe and sleeps well.So when babies are cranky singing is very helpful to make them fall asleep. You can play some soft music or lullabies for your baby.

Some kids do not show much interest in the voices, sounds and being sensitive to light and they soon get disturbed while sleeping and might startle and cry easily.Make sure the noise levels and light levels are low enough to soothe your baby.

Dear Mommies! I guess have got some basic knowledge on how to soothe and bond with your tiny little ones.Simple advice for new parents is never feel scared on handling your babies because you are not alone and always ask for and accept the help.Happy parenting!!!



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