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Newborn Care

Burping Your Baby-Firm and Fearless

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Burping :

Burping your baby is an essential part to be excelled on taking care of your babies. Why is it so vital?Babies use crying as a signal to show their feeling,whether they are tired,cranky,hungry,wet or gas discomfort.So it can be hard to know in the initial stages.To avoid such confusions,burping your baby after each and every feed makes your baby feeding time easy and hassle free.

For new parents, I might give some insight into what is a burp,how babies get gas in first place , why babies need to burp and some techniques to burp your baby in a firm and fearless way.

What is Burp?

Gas is air that gets trapped in the gastrointestinal system and needs to be released,” says Shalini Forbis, M.D., a pediatrician.Burp is the release of those gas bubbles up the esophagus and out of the mouth of your little one.These air bubbles can be released out the other end of your baby resulting in different noise and smell.

How Babies get Gas?

Babies can get gas by three primary ways, Digestion,Swallowing air and Allergic Reaction or food intolerance.

Digestion :

Certain food baby consumes or mother consumes that passes through the breast milk breaks down by some bacteria and naturally creates the gas during digestion.So watch out while eating or feeding some gas-rich food items like potato,plantain, beans,chickpeas and cauliflower sometimes.


When babies nurse or drunk by bottle babies inevitably swallow air which goes down to their bellies and creates the discomfort.To avoid that always control the flow level of the milk.While breastfeeding try to clamp down on the nipple to slow down the flow of milk to avoid gulping.While bottle feeding your babies, buy the appropriate age range nipples for the feeding bottles so that overflow can be avoided.

Food Intolerance :

Babies may be very sensitive to some foods and may cause their body to react by creating more gas.Dairy intolerance is the main culprit.

Why Babies Need to Burp?

Babies tolerance rate for gas bubbles getting stuck in their stomach is very minimal and that can cause a feeling of discomfort and fullness,which often causes the baby to cry.Making a habit of burping regularly after each meal is a good idea to avoid your babies enter into the fussy stage.

Burping Positions :

Over Your Shoulder :

My daughter is 17 months old and still I burp my baby sometimes and this is my preferred position.Hold your baby over your shoulder.Use one hand to hold her and use another hand to slowly tap on your baby’s back or slowly move your hand from top to bottom on your baby’s back.For newborns,ensure baby’s head is supported.

Sitting on the lap :

Sit your child on your lap, using your arms and hands to support the baby’s body and head. Use your other hand to burp the baby on the back.

If you are trying already and still your baby hasn’t burped try changing the position and start over slowly.Changing baby’s positions can help move those gas bubbles to a better position to be released.


Make sure to have a burp cloth by your baby’s mouth or your hand to catch up any spit ups.

Spit ups are very normal,so nothing needs to be worried.

But projectile vomiting and excessive vomiting after every feed or often need to be taken care of.Right away meet your pediatricians and find the causes.

Once your baby is well enough to digest the solid foods gradually your baby will outgrow burping.And then fond memories of your baby burping will remain.

“Happy Feeding and Burping dear New Parents”



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