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“Being A Mom Is”-Children’s Book Review

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Title: Being A Mom Is
Author: Anna Belle
Publisher: Fireflies Publishing, $19.73
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780998435831

Being A Mom Is – always being in love” by Anna Belle is a wonderful book that portrays the mommy’s love in all caring and humorous way.  This book is a collection of different kinds of pace a mommy goes through in her life. It highlights each and every moment of mom and the many reasons they are so special.

Whether it’s getting showered with hugs and kisses or staying strong when we are actually weak, whether laughing at jokes that aren’t even funny or staying strict when teaching values, Anna Belle, assures readers that while no two mothers mommy moments are alike,  their journey is always the same with all love, care and sacrifice. Being a mom is always being there for your kid. Not to mention, the illustrator did a great job by giving life to the words with the tone of perfect colors.

Being a Mom is smiling when you want to cry, and crying when you’re smiling with pride. My kid loved reading this book and its one of my daughter’s favorite bedtime books. I can so much relate myself to the mom’s life that’s been described in the book.

This celebration of mommy moments is ideal for Mother’s Day and Baby shower and for sharing throughout the year. Your little munchkins would love this book for not only sharing how does a mommy journey looks like, it would also bring lots of great memories when you read it together.

You can find the ” Being A Mom Is ” book here.  

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      Yes Rajlakshmi, the book really brings a lot memories when we read together.

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    shanayatales Reply

    Sounds like an adorable read. Thanks for sharing. Glad to find your blog, and be connected with you.

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    This one appears to be a lovely read. Little ones getting a peek into a mom’s life through a picture book with words and sentences as per to suit them is surely a hit. I liked the illustrations of the book. They are soothing for the eyes. Good for reading with toddlers.

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    This is different from the usual children’s book, isn’t it? Kids would love to hear all about their parents’ day. Thanks for sharing, Suja.

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      Yes indeed Vinitha, my daughter was so excited. Her eyes just glows brighter if we choose the book for the night reading.