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#ComplimentYourMomma Mother’s Day Contest

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Compliments always bring a ray of sunshine to a dull moment. That too our Mother complimenting us is the best part of the day. But for daughters/sons like us, the world always revolved around us and complimenting our own Mom happens once in a blue Moon.

Now from being a daughter/son to being a mother/father yourself, you would really know how the compliments would put that brightening smile on you. So, on this wonderful Mother’s day, let’s use this space on complimenting your mother.

We know every kid has this one special thing that he/she likes the most about his/her mom. We bet you do. You would have repeatedly admired but never had a chance to convey her. So, tell us that one quality you always want to compliment your Mom for and most importantly convey your love to the precious angel who brought you into the world.
This Mother’s day, Compliment your mom by telling us the one quality you always admired and never conveyed her. #ComplimentYourMomma #Mother’sDayContests #PassionateMoms

1. Share your answers with us in the comment section below. (Be sure to share the link with your mommy too!)

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3. Tag 5 friends of yours to compliment their Mom.

4. Share us a photo with your mom (optional).

The judging criteria will be based on the answers and how creative and original your message is! The contest will run from May 14 to May 21, 2017.

Prize to be Won!!

To make your mother feel more special along with compliment you gave, PassionateMoms gonna pitch in and gift a lucky Mommy with an amazon gift card. Make your mom feel loved and special.

The winners will be announced on May 22, 2017, on our Facebook page.



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    Serah Jones Reply

    My mom’s unconditional love and the way she organize and work is the quality I always admire. She was my inspiration to work dynamically. She always cares for the family but still she never gaveup on her work priority. I love that attitude and wish to be like her one day. Love you mom with all the love in the world.