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Decorating Home in an affordable way / Home Decor Ideas

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The art of decorating is a flair which doesn’t follow any rules. It is all about a style statement. It can be done by a professional or by the Owners of the home who has a passion for Interior decoration. I am not gonna ask you to buy any costly display items just to hung on a wall. Even, why would I buy something just for adding into a room which has no real use ? Is the major question everyone asks for when comes to decorating their home. Well, the answer you don’t need to. For renovation work or any wall work obviously you need professionals but for just decorating the house,passion and patience are more than enough.

In home decoration, Vignette is a grouping of objects like framed photos or furniture. Especially grouping your photos with a small arrangement idea always gives a great look to your home. It just showcases all the wonderful memories, by doing so you create a space for the eye to stop. If you are lost you can just browse some photo arrangement ideas in google. In the picture, you can see some idea on how to decorate your home with photo vignette. Adding to this you can get lovely wall decals less than 3$ in amazon.com and stick it near the photo creating a formation. Theme and color are more important before choosing the wall decals.If you are a color lover you can choose photo frames and wall decals with lots of colors or you can stick with some classic look like black or any bold colors.



Wall Behind T.V Storage Units Ideas

The wall behind T.V is one of the main space to stage your passion on Interior decoration with the creative handmade crafts ideas. Yes, that’s the place where our decoration never fails to admire our visitors.


This is a complete affordable idea which requires shoe boxes( boxes you get when you buy new shoes packed ), Pattern tissue paper (can be bought in dollar tree), I used black color pattern tissue paper and some glue.

Wrap the boxes with the tissue paper using the glue completely.Then fix the formation and pin those boxes using push pin as shown below.Once its been placed in their position you can place some weightless toys as a showcase.

To add a trendier look,choose some wall decals that goes well with the tissue paper you pasted there and stick them the way you wish.I used black floral wall decals.

That’s it an adorable home decoration is done in a very affordable way.


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