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Green Garland Fall Wreath | DIY Home Decor Craft Idea

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This fall inspired DIY wreath would give your front door a welcoming, festive touch. Adding a touch of floral elegance to this green garland wreath using some lovely flowers makes the wreath perfect for fall season. This is a perfect project for the beginners who love to create something for their home, not to mention a perfect home decor gift in a very affordable way. Fall wreaths are great but how could we forget the origin of wreaths? Yes, wreaths always have a great connection with Christmas and it is believed that modern wreaths were originated as a decoration part on Christmas. So by just adding the jingle bells and frozen ornament to the wreath, it looks more appealing for the winter season too. Let’s get started and invite everyone with this adorable green garland fall wreath. Sorry for the “not so clear pictures”.

Step by Step Method on How to Do Green Garland Fall Wreath:
  • Making a decorative wreath is really easy. Basically, the steps are:
  • Gather materials. To make your wreath resilient you’ll need a wreath rim, green garland with artificial grass, some artificial flowers, decorative items like a butterfly, bird, pine cone, foam sheets, alphabet stickers, thread, and needle.
  • The mentioned above items all are available in the dollar stores or any other arts and craft stores. I bought it in dollar tree.


  • Coil the garland onto the frame (wreath rim), one layer on top of another, wiring it together as you go. Check for the perfection.
  • Then stitch the artificial flowers in the wreath as much you needed.


  • Then the decorative part “birds with pine cone” and “butterfly” which comes handy with a clipped sort of design. You can just clip the bird where you like.
  • This is a Christmas season and winter is on the way so I added the jingle bells and frozen ornament too (bought in dollar tree).
  • For adding the welcome letters I was thinking about many ideas but nothing struck too hard to try then finally got this flag idea.


  • Cut the foam sheets in the shape of flags and fill the sheets with the letter.I used some stickers to create the letters.You can even write on it.Then stitch the flags together and hang it in the wreath along the diameter.

               That’s it!!! A beautiful green garland fall wreath is ready to hang on your door.


  • For hanging some uses the ribbons to tie on the door.I just used push pins and hung the wreath.
  • You can replace the artificial garland with real leaves or twigs too and even some new materials like thread, chocolate wrapper even fabrics.You can check for many inspired ideas in google.

  “Happy Crafting”.

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      Thank you. You can use foam tubes that are available in ring shapes. Another cheap alternative option is a paper plate( that are sturdy and big enough) by cutting out the inner diameter. I have tried a wreath in that.Will share the post soon.

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      Thank you Amrita.I’m glad you loved this tutorial.Please share me when you try this wreath.