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DIY Newspaper Wall Hanging Chimes

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Being a crafty person, I don’t believe in spending money for home decor items. I do lots and lots of experiments using scratch items to create wonderful and affordable craft items. This post is one of a kind and this home decor hanging art can be done using the newspaper. Can you believe it? Yes, take a close look at the images, it’s all newspaper. This simple wall hanging piece is going to decorate your home in a very creative way. Creating this wall decor doesn’t require much time except the time for paint to dry. And I am very excited to say this was my first craft item I tried in home decor category, so bear with the little flaws in the appearance and presenting the tutorial post. Let’s get started with materials required and method to do.

Materials Required:

Old Newspaper – a lot
Thin Stick – pencil length
Various colors of paints and brush (available online or in craft or stationery stores)
Thread and needle
String or coil

  • Using the stick, roll the newspapers as shown in the figure. Create lots and lots of the newspaper sticks then connect the ends using glue while flattening and rolling them forming a circular shape.
  • I created one big Circle and five small circles in varying sizes from decreasing order.



  • Paint all the newspaper rolls with different colours and give some time to dry completely.


  • Now add a string to each roll and thread the beads with each roll of various length and finally stitch the other end with the bigger newspaper roll forming a chimes.
  • Finally add a string or any coil to the top centre of the bigger roll for hanging purpose.

That’s it!DIY wall hanging home decor chimes is ready to hang on the entrance or centre of your living room.


I hope you enjoy this tutorial, give it a try, comment & share if you like. Thanks!

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  1. Avatar
    Venkatesh B Reply

    Hi Suja…… U hv done a wonderful job. Materialise waste materials is the top most need of the world. Try in electronic wastes n plastic wastes also. Congrats!!

    • Avatar
      suja Reply

      Glad you liked the post and thanks for the suggestions Sir.

  2. Avatar

    This is such a simple but beautiful craft! I think it would be a good one to do with children, too!

    • Avatar

      Yes Leah! Kids can help with rolling and painting the newspapers. What’s more interesting that creating a craft with kids?

    • Avatar

      Thank you Elizabeth! Your comment means a lot to me. I’m glad you liked it.

  3. Avatar

    These are so cute and creative. I am sure my oldest daughter would like this type of project.

  4. Avatar

    There is an NGO in Gurgaon that works with newspaper and women to make some beautiful crafty items; using the methods you described here! I love the table mats and runners that they make among other things. I will share your idea with them to inspire them to make something new!!