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DIY Photo Frame with Peacock Quilling Art

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If you are DIY person then you can never spend money on buying photo frames. Making DIY photo frame is a simple idea which brings the best outcome. So just gather the cereal boxes or any package boxes available. You can show your creativity in decorating the finished DIY frame as I did using the quilling art. Let’s get into the instructions on how to make Picture Frames out of free cardboards available in your home.

Materials Required :

Cereal boxes or any other cardboard boxes.



Box Cutter


Quilling paper and quilling tools

Glittering Cello Tape

Method :

  • Depending on the photo size 4×6 or 5×7 cut the cardboard leaving an 1 inch width of frame. For example for 4×6 photo the frame has to be 6×8.
  • Now place the photo over the cardboard and mark the outline.
  • Now cut out an opening for the picture but remember the cut should not be 4×6. Then the photo will fall off. The cut should be 3.5×5.5 or 3.5×5, This way the photo is ready to fit inside the frame.

  • You need two pieces of cardboard, one with the picture opening and the other with a hole in the top middle to hang on the wall.
  • I need my photo frame to be in black color, so once I finish making I pasted the black paper all over the cardboard.(You can skip this part and just paint the frame with the desired color).
  • Now  paste the photo on the uncut piece of the box which has a hole.
  • Then paste the cardboard piece which has picture opening over the photo.

  • That’s it your frame is ready to hang on the wall. But it looks so simple right? So, how about we make some decoration work on the frame.

Decoration Part:

  • I used green glittering cello tape which will be available in all craft shops and pasted all around the frame as an outline.

  • For the feather part of peacock i merged the five colors and pasted them one after other for forming the petal shape.

  • As you have seen I tried to frame my daughter’s photo dressed like Krishna, photo taken on Krishna Jayanthi . So, I decided to decorate that match the Krishna theme and used quilling paper, made an outline of Lord Krishna playing the flute and an elegant peacock on the bottom side of the frame. You can also find other Photo Frame with Floral Theme here.

Hope you find it inspiring to create some frames like this. Please share your ideas or suggestions about making DIY frames in the comment section below.

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