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DIY Project | LED Light-up Canvas Art

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If you like the idea of making your own unique wall art, this project is the perfect way to get creative with your kids and add some character to your room. Creating this Light-up Canvas Art is also a good way to use up any extra Christmas lights you already have at home (as long as they’re LEDs).

When it comes to designing the canvas, it’s entirely up to you, so let your imagination run wild. You can work from a blank canvas in any shape and paint an abstract picture, a landscape where you’d usually see lights (such as a storm or starry sky), or even write your favorite quote from a book.

They’re great for hanging on walls, placing on bookshelves, adding a personal touch to your child’s room, or making Christmas themed decorations, so it’s time to get crafty.

Things You’ll Need:
  • Blank canvas (round, square, rectangle, whichever you prefer)
  • Strand of LED Lights (white or multicolored)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush, sponges, fingers, whatever you like to paint with!
  • Precision knife
  • Masking tape
  • Add your own decorative touch with glitter, stars, etc…
LED Light-up Canvas Art 1Clean Workspace:

First, keep your workspace clean by placing your canvas on newspaper or old towels. It can get pretty messy, but that’s part of the fun and your kids will love it! Acrylic paint dries fairly quickly so it’s a good option for cutting down on time.

Go Wild:

Be as creative as you like when you’re painting the canvas. You can use light brush strokes, create bright patterns, stick to one color or draw your favorite landscape. Adding thicker layers will help give the canvas some texture, and you can also add decorative touches with glitter like we have.

LED Light-up Canvas Art 2Your Favorite Book Quote:

Once the canvas has completely dried, it’s time for the next step. If you’d like to add a quote or message, write it out in pencil first. Once you’re happy with it, trace over your writing with a permanent marker.

Light-Up Canvas:

Now turn the canvas over, and mark a dot where you want the lights to go. Remember to keep the spacing similar to the bulbs on your strand of LEDs so that your gaps aren’t too wide. Using a knife with a sharp point, carefully poke a small hole in the canvas.

LED Light-up Canvas ArtPush each bulb through the hole you’ve made, just enough so it shows at the front but doesn’t hang out over the canvas. When you’ve finished, use sticky tape to secure the lights in place.

Choosing The Perfect Size LED Lights:

There are several options available when it comes to choosing LEDs. Shorter strands have between 10 and 20 bulbs, whereas longer ones have about 100. So choose a length you think will suit the size of your canvas.

We used white bulbs with white wiring as we already had some at home, but you can also get multicolored lights. If you prefer not to have the cord hanging out of the canvas, you can buy battery operated lights and tape the switch behind the canvas.

For the most hassle-free option, go for battery operated lights with a built-in timer, so they’ll come on for a few hours in the evening and turn off without you having to lift the canvas off the wall.

Admire Your Handy Work:

All that’s left to do is hang your canvas on a wall or prop it up in a space on your bookshelf. We love having something we’ve created as a family up on our living room wall and can’t wait to make our next DIY project together.  

LED Light-up Canvas Art 3This is a guest post written by  Callum, co-owner of LED World – an Australian based lighting design firm. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and creating DIY projects with his children.

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    This is wonderful. My daughter is an art & craft lover , she will enjoy this DIY. This will be a great activity for her to do in her free time.

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      Thank you, Aesha. I am sure your kid would have real fun making these DIY canvas art.

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    That looks great, Suja! And, at night time it will add much beauty to the room, or even the outdoors if it is placed there. Really pretty and so easy to make!