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DIY Wall Art using Toilet Roll and Mirror

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Wall art is always a best option to enhance your interior but picking the wall art based on the theme and style of your home is very important.Fine piece art even made by a simple cheap material will give your walls a new look of creativity.That’s why I always believe in DIY crafts which gives a fulfillment and satisfaction of  creating something by your own.I am always fascinated about doing crafts with the scratch items I find.This wall art is one of a kind which requires a very minimal time. So before starting with the method ,make sure you have lots and lots of toilet tissue rolls in stock. You can’t even find this wall art is made by such cheap toilet paper.It’s amazing  and your guests gonna be surprised on seeing this simple and unique wall hanging art.

Materials Required:

Toilet roll


Small round mirror (can be bought in craft stores)


Paint and brush (optional)

Flower shaped stapler



  • First thing you will need is of course some toilet paper rolls that you can collect throughout the weeks at your home.
  • Flatten the toilet roll and then cut them out in pieces of more or less  1cm. I cut each roll in 6 pieces.If you are using the kitchen tissues then you might get more pieces.Repeat the same process with all the rolls.
  • Measure the mirror and cut in the cardboard (cheerios box is fine) same as the mirror shape and size for the back support.
  • Now comes the fun part! Decide the design by arranging the slices into different shapes over the circular cardboard piece.
  • Once you’ve decided your design start gluing the pieces together in a circular form leaving space to finally paste the mirror in the centre.


  • Then cover your wall art with some spray paint, just remember to follow this step in a well ventilated place or you can paint it using the brush.I used golden color so that’s not a great difference from toilet roll color.
  • For a more personal touch, I decided to add some flower paper cuttings(made by the flower  shaped stablers)  to the middle part in the mirror and in the rolls pasting a long thin paper.
  • A small hole can be made in the back of the cardboard for hanging purpose.




That’s It! wall art is finished! you can hang it in the wall using a push pin.Thanks for reaching this site, give it a try and leave your comments below.

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      suja Reply

      Thank you so much and let me know how it came. Eager to see…

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    Cute! It reminds me of a vintage mirror I fell in love with at an antique store last summer (sadly, I had no way to get it home). Thanks for linking up to #homemattersparty

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      Thank You Emily! Glad you liked it. It was so fun to linking up with the #homemattersparty!

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    I am not a craft person but this looks so simple yet beautiful…I think I should give it a try..