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Craft time With Kids

Easy 15+ mins Kids Craft Ideas

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1.Clothespin Aeroplane:

Materials(all mentioned below can be bought in Dollar tree):

Foam sheets

1.As seen in the picture just cut the foam sheets,it is very easy to cut too.
2.Glue the small piece with the wing piece vertically as in the image.Now you can stick the foam sheets in the clothespin.
3.That’s it!They turned out to be a cute aeroplane which your kids gonna have fun.


2.Paper plate fish:

This is a very easy project which every children gonna enjoy doing this.It can be done with very minimum materials.Even this craft can be done to decorate the birthday party if it is a fish based theme like nemo,dory or whatever.

Materials :

Paper plates



Craft sheets or color paper(for upgradations)

1.Using the scissor cut the paper plate as shown in the image and paste the remaining piece underneath the paper plate.

2.Draw the eyes and mouth using the marker.

3.You can even upgrade the fish by sticking flowers or fins or coloring it as shown.


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3.Toilet roll Santa Claus & Snowman

This lovely snowman and Santa Claus are created using toilet paper.Can you believe it?Yes it is.


Toilet Roll



Color Paper

Foam sheets,buttons,stickers,pom pom,cotton(for upgradations).

  • Roll the toilet paper with a white color paper and stick it.Use different color paper and stick it around the roll on the waist and head differentiating.
  • Draw eyes,nose and mouth using markers with your preferred color. That’s it! basic snowman is ready.
  • To look more decorative use foam sheets or stickers and decorate the snowman.
  • For creating Santa Claus use red foam sheet and stick it on the toilet roll as shown.
  • To make the snowman or Santa Claus more attractive stick eye goggles(can be bought in dollar tree) instead of drawing it.


4.Cotton Toilet roll Snowman :

This snowman is little more decorative kind, not a basic one and it is so adorable.


Toilet Roll


Eye goggles

Black paint

Orange color paper

1.Glue the toilet roll and stick the cotton around it.Concentrate more on the bottom part so that it looks like snowman’s belly.

2.Cut an inch of toilet roll and paint it black.Later join that part with another black painted paper as shown in the image.

3.Stick an orange paper around the cap we created.Now hat is ready.

4.Let us concentrate on snowman’s face,stick the eye goggles and stick black paper like a smiley.Make a small cone-like shape in the orange color paper and stick it on the face as the nose.Make a hand like appearance using color paper and stick it.

5.Later stick some stickers or paper like buttons.That’s it! Adorable snowman is ready.

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