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Fear Is Good- Let’s teach our kids to face it.

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Summer has started and it’s officially, a pool time. Today, when I came across a mom who was trying to teach swimming to her kid, I heard her say, “ Don’t fear”. This statement made me go for this article, many of us feel being fearful means weakness. Well, most of us actually teach our kids the same. We all have been taught, if we fear, we will not be able to accomplish things. I beg to differ on this. From politician to pauper, everyone fears. It’s not fear that keeps people from becoming successful. It’s the denial to accept what they fear keeps them from accomplishing things.

Let’s, discuss few steps which will help us to face our fear,

Know your fear:

The first and the foremost step to face fear is to know what you fear. Most of the time, it’s not same as you make others believe it to be. Deep down, you can find the answer by asking questions to oneself, like,

Is it fear of failure?
Or is it fear of rejection?
Is it fear of losing?
Or is it fear of humiliation?

Accept your fear:

After knowing your fear, the next sensible step is to accept it. We all love denial, because it gives us the false sense of security. It makes us believe, we are invincible. It’s hard to accept what you fear, to the third person. It shows your weakness to the world. We can name so many positive reasons to deny, but only when you accept your fear, you are really at the advantage of accomplishing the greater goods in life.

Work with the fear:

Once you accept, work with your fear. It’s not that after you accept the fear, your step is done. Know where you stand and try to make the needed changes in your attitude or effort. This, will help you grow. However, it is not a one day process and you may or may not see the progress in short term. But gradually, you can feel the change in yourself.

Set your limits:

Just because you accepted  and  made the needed change to your attitude, does not give you the right to have unrealistic limits. As babies, we started crawling with the dream to walk. But walking did not come without cruising. Yes, we walked, we achieved but not in a single day. Set a realistic goal. Make sure that you have outdone yourself from what you did or where you were yesterday,

Bound to fail:

In the process of facing fear, you are bound to fail a number of times. You would have failed a hundred times before you actually made your first step as babies. Those failures never stopped you from trying. Why should this be any different?  Face one day at a time.

Embrace the obstacles:

In certain cases, your progress might have limitations. Your process or progress may pave way for your red carpet or it might be a stepping stone for the others who try to follow your path. Accept the obstacle. Give in the best of what you can give today, but don’t be hard on yourself. Facing the fear by embracing the obstacles, will give you the sense of accomplishment, even in your failure. This is important because these failures will never let you stop from overcoming other fears.

Let’s face our fear to teach our kids that fear is a good thing.

What’s your opinion about facing the fear ? Have you tried working on it? Share your thoughts with me on the below comment section.

Aruna Devi

Arunadevi is a fun loving and a people person. She holds an engineering degree in computer science and technology, worked in the corporate world and later, went on to pursue her master's in business management. She believes in feminism and a proud mother of an 8 year old kid. She is one among those , who thinks the world becomes a better place to live in with sharing and communicating. Therefore, she decided to share, and to go for an yet another dream of making "the better we".


  1. Avatar

    This is such an important lesson. To equip your child to accept his/her fears and work with it is so important. They become better equipped with dealing with the ups and downs of life with this. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Avatar

    that’s a wonderful perspective on fear and how it needs to be handled in life. Indeed we must learn and accept fear before trying to overcome it.

  3. Avatar

    I have faced most of my fears and come out on top, but there are some fears I cannot accept yet. it might be a while before I can, and then try to conquer it. 🙂

    • Arunadevi Perumal
      Arunadevi Perumal Reply

      Thanks for ur continuing support. It’s true that one cannot over come fear without acknowledging it. Stay with us.