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Fish Fry/ Meen Varuval – Spicy Side Dish

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Who does hate fish fry? Yes, No one! never heard anyone telling fish fry is not their favorite,even some of my friends doesn’t like fish gravy/Meen kuzhambu but still they eat fish fry,that’s the beauty of it. Fish fry is a simple yet delicious recipe.Not to mention I love all kinds of recipes made by fish from my childhood.Even I am ready to change as a Pescetarian.You may be wondering, “What is a pescetarian?” Pescetarianism, or pesco-vegetarianism, means being vegetarian while still including seafood in your diet.Now I am seeing the same little fish-foodie in my daughter too.She can just skip the rice part and have the fish as her only meal.And coming to today’s post,we gonna make Fish Fry in a very easy method,so let’s get started .

Prep Time : 1/2 hour (if kept in freezer) to 2 hours maximum(kept at room temperature)
Cook Time :10 mins
Serves: 3 to 4
Recipe Category : Appetizers / Side Dish

For the Marination:

Cleaned Fish Pieces – 10 pieces(I used Pomfret)

Ginger garlic paste -1tblsp

Coriander powder -2tblsp

Chilly powder – 2tblsp(or more according to the spice level you love)

Cumin powder – ¼tblsp

Corn flour – 2tblsp (optional but it makes the paste to stick well with the fish)

Red food color – ¼tblsp(optional)

Lemon juice – 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

For Seasoning:

Onion Slices

Lemon Wedges

For frying :


Curry Leaves (optional)

Method :

  • Clean and wash fish pieces with turmeric powder and salt, drain water and marinate the fish pieces with the smooth paste prepared from the above-mentioned ingredients.Add water if required and set aside for half an hour in the fridge.




  • Heat oil in a kadai and add curry leaves till crisp and set aside then deep fry the marinated chicken until crispy and turns golden brown.


  • Garnish them with the lemon wedges and Onion slices.Delicious Fish Fry/Meen Varuval is ready to serve.





If you prefer to use readymade powder like chicken 65 or fish fry masala for this,then you can add ginger garlic paste,little cornstarch flour along with that.

We in our home always prefer fish fry with pepper rasam.It is a best and better combination of all recipes.Check the below link for the pepper rasam recipe.

Pepper Rasam Recipe





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