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Paper Quilled Floral Jhumka Earring Tutorial

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Hi Readers! Today I am sharing with you a tutorial for making these paper quilled floral jhumka earring which gives an adorable traditional look.This earring is perfect for any one for any special occasion.The fun part is it doesn’t require more time to complete this.This can be a great handmade gift too.

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Before starting with the tutorial,are you a beginner and feeling lost on how to start this great craft – Quilling, then click the below link to get a basic idea and then start over.


Supplies You Need (for one Earring):

  • 3 strips of paper 12″ long (I used deep maroon color)
  • 2 strips of paper 12″ long (I used yellow color)
  • glue
  • Scissors
  • Decorative stones or chain
  • Stud and stopper
  • Quillers and tweezers


  • First, it’s time to make the jhumka part which requires a full quilling paper, creating a circle and paste it.Now just give some little pressure in the center of the circle which forms a hollow shape called jhumka.Apply glue to the inner side of the jhumka for more strength.
  • Apply glue on the end of the jhumka around and paste the yellow quilling paper as a border.
  • Make a small roll with 2″ inch red quilling paper and paste above the jhumka.
  • Now the center part of the earring is the big circle formed with the yellow color quilling paper.Take any round shaped material,I used the glue lid and rolled the quilling paper around it and once over paste the end.It requires the full quilling paper.Let it dry for a minute.


  • Next step is creating flowers, for that you need five counts of 2″ red quilling paper vertically cut for a small size flower.Using the red paper make a small circle as shown.
  • Repeating the same step on the yellow paper create a small circle as a center piece of the flower.


  • Now paste the petals in the big yellow circle as shown in the figure.
  • Take a 4″ red quilling paper and roll it using the quillers as shown and paste it on the inner side of the yellow circle.
  • Now the topmost part of the earring has to be made using three counts of 4″inch quilling paper and a small 2″ inch yellow paper.Create three petal shaped patterns and one circle shaped pattern and paste as shown.


  • Using the connectors and tweezers arrange and connect the stud as shown in the picture.


  • Now comes the decoration part,use the decorative chains and stones on pasting over the Jhumka,big yellow circle and the top petal part.
  • Apply glue over the jhumka and paste the single beads all over the jhumka for more traditional look.


  • At last, add the stud and stopper to the earring for a perfect traditional floral jhumka earring.



I hope you enjoy the picture tutorial and find easy and helpful! Feel free to leave the comments and queries if any.If you like it please share on Facebook and Pinterest and stick around for more DIY craft ideas.For more Quilling ideas click the below link.

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  1. Avatar

    So cute!! My daughter loves earrings and having to make one in front of her would be twice as fun!
    Also since I’m into online selling, I think I could actually make this a business haha

  2. Avatar

    These are something my daughter would love to make and thank you for all the pictures! It really helps when trying to learn a new project!

    • Avatar

      Thank you Meagan. Yes pictures make our learning easier when trying something new. Thanks for visiting.