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Foam Sheets Wall Decal Quotes- An Affordable way to Decorate your Home Sweet Home!!!

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Have you ever wondered on how much bucks people spend to simply decorate the house to look more visually appealing? Yes, it may be shocking but after all, this is your place where you stay with your family, so Wouldn’t you. Personally, I don’t believe in home decor which involves luxury and always fascinated towards decorating my home in a very affordable DIY way.

I have to admit the DIY idea I am gonna explain below is completely not done by me.This is an inspirational idea I saw in one of my close friend’s house.Her name is Bhuvaneshwari and I really need to introduce her as an excellent craft person.One thing I am always surprised about is, her patience on doing any work and that’s the great quality for a creator.

Coming back to the wall decal DIY idea, this is an easy method which requires foam sheets of any colors, pencil, Scissors and a glue or cellotape to stick on the walls.

Foam Sheets and Alphabet Carvings

Method :

  • Sketch the quote each letter by letter in the foam sheets using a pencil.If your handwriting is not so good you can use any template as a printout and take a trace over the foam sheets.
  • Now cut the letters or words using the Scissors precisely.
  • Finally, you can paste it to the walls in the location you wish.
  • That’s It! Adorable and Affordable Foam Sheets Wall Decal Quotes are ready to decorate your home in a unique way.Believe me, your guests gonna be surprised as I am surprised on seeing these on her walls.
Cursive Style wall decal
Bold Style Wall Decal



  • Font and style can be your choice as you can see in the images Bhuvi has chosen both Cursive and Bold style.
  • You can enhance it even by making some other shapes using for sheet and stick around like the flower.


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    Thankyou, Sindhu… I got inspired by your craft works and began to do crafting… You are my inspiration… Looking forward to read more of your posts…

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      suja Reply

      I may be an inspiration but your craft ideas are unique and simly stupendous which impressed me to write about you and your craft idea in my blog.Special thanks for allowing me to write about your work:)

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    This looks like a nice DIY idea. I am not much of a DIY person but I do crafts with my son and these craft works are actually the only decoration around my house.
    I have a suggestion, Suja. Do configure your twitter handle with your blog. Currently your name/twitter handle does not appear when one shares on twitter, thus if anybody shares you might not know.