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Cuddle Your Babies

God’s Best Gift Ever

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Hi all,

Here I am just gonna talk about babies. Who are they? What are they gonna do to our lives? How do they make us feel?

Isn’t very exciting to think about babies?while touching their tiny feet,while kissing their soft cheeks,while cuddling  the baby,altogether makes me feel whether I am in heaven or god just appeared before me.

Babies are the world to their parents.They are the best gift god would give us ever.

But not all the parents see their child as gift.yes babies are seen precious at the time they were born but later on days passes some expectations grow as our kids grow.what are those?parents just expect the love and affection what we show on them should be reciprocated.Maybe it is a valid one,we do all expect this to our loved ones.

But what if this expectation ends in disappointment?That should be the actual situation to show how good parents we are.It is my child whether she reciprocates or not I am gonna be the best mom or dad to that child….If this attitude can be seen in you…yes you can proudly say “U R THE BEST”

They are not the ones to follow our orders but yes we would give them the advice to be the best person in future but it should not be a compulsion to obey that.We are their parents so we should know how to make them behave good,how to teach them good habits.Never compel and make them do what you want.It is really absurd,they may be our kids but they do have their own wishes and hatred.As a parent, we should understand that first.

One thing I like to share here is how do parents see their children.Babies are born to us because they want to be born for us,we were the ones expecting them to be born.So it is our responsibility to take care of them and give our best.They shouldn’t be seen as a person who gonna take care of us in future.But many does this mistake.Babies are like god,they are paradise on earth what more to say?

Babies trust their parents purely,what do we do in return?

It’s very simple love your babies like anything.Find time spend with them a lot.Play, fight ,love, kiss, encourage ,forgive ,talk. These are the things they expect from us.

“We were the reason for our baby to born here not them,so be the best and make them feel the pure parenthood”


Let me meet you all in another post.yes, exactly it is all about babies.


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