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Newborn Care

Handling a Newborn

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Handling a newborn baby is little intimidating, that too if you haven’t spent a lot of time around babies then it’s going to be really daunting. But you are not alone, gentle care and a little focus will make you a great parent in some days of experience. So let me tell you what are the effective methods to follow on handling and holding the newborn.

Clean Environment:

Newborns are very susceptible to infection as their immune system is not so strong ,so keeping their surrounding clean is very vital. Wash your hands whenever you going to make any contact with your baby.Insist your visitors to wash the hands too before handling your baby. Even hand sanitizer would be a best alternative makes and most importantly your visitors won’t feel offended.

Holding your Baby :

Some thinks holding a baby is a common knowledge, but there is nothing more fearful for a new mom of holding her baby in a wrong way. Picking and holding a newborn is very important as their neck muscles are not strong enough. Whenever you pick your baby, support your baby’s neck by giving one hand under the neck and head, the other hand under the baby’s bottom.

Cradling a newborn:

Cradling is an even more intimate way to carry your baby. In this position, you can interact with your baby which is so special. Cradling is nothing but holding your baby and resting them on your chest and slide your hand towards the bottom. So that baby’s neck is supported in the crook of your arms and the other hand on your baby’s butt.


Other Positions:

After some initial days, you can hold your baby in the shoulder and always use the hand to support the neck.Your kid just loves the view.

Be Gentle :

Always remember newborns are very fragile and they are not ready for the rough play, so never be hard with them. Vigorous shaking of your kid leads to brain bleeding and even death. Do not shake or bounce on your knee.It takes some time to get ready for the fun play. Do not throw newborns in the air and if you are really desperate to play with your kid, then you can tickle the newborn’s feet.

Newborns in Car Seat and Stroller:

Avoid bouncy situations when your kid is in a car seat, stroller or any bouncer. Always make sure the seat straps are securely fastened before the drive. Check on their headrests are on the place in car seats.

I just covered the basics of handling and holding the newborn, for more tips click here. So, parents I know handling your newborn may be a bit scary because they mean a lot to you. Just relax and listen to your instinct. All the love for your baby just works the magic for you.



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