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How to make a No-Sew Tutu Dress Tutorial

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Every Mom loves to dress up their daughters like a princess and don’t want to drop a ton of money on the fancy costumes. Yes, I agree with that and that’s why I just googled and found this easy way of making a tutu dress for my daughter’s 1st birthday. With the surprise, it came out completely fantastic. Thought to share the tutorial so anyone can make this adorable tutu dress in less than 15$. Tutu dresses are perfect for birthdays, dress up, festival costumes like Halloween etc.., and even photo shoot. If you just need to cover the basics of tutu dress you can whip up in maximum one hour. To upgrade and create a gorgeous look it may take some time but its all about your interest.



  • Burgundy tulle fabric 6in X 100yd rolls – 1 count and black tulle 6in x 100yd rolls – 1 count. I prefer not buying it in a bolt, which may require lots of time to cut the fabric.
    • I try to get them on sale for $1.50 to $2.50/roll. You’ll need to add layers to the crochet top about to get it as thick and long.
    • Crocheted top 6-10in wide (choose as per your kid’s height ).
  • Scissors to cut the tulle.
  • Satin Ribbon (burgundy color) for the straps, artificial flowers(available in dollar stores) for stitching over the dress.
  • Clear small rubber bands for tying the ends of the tulle fabric together or needle and thread for stitching it (this part used in the up gradation).
Preparation :

Measure your kid from hip to feet. DOUBLE THE LENGTH! I knew I wanted a tutu about 14″ long, so I cut my tulle strands about 28″ long. (The easiest way to cut a lot of tulle at once is by wrapping the spool around a flattened box or cardboard and cutting one end. I use a box about 14.5″ wide when flattened. Wrap wrap wrap. Cut one end. Ta-da! 29″ strands are ready to make a slip knot!

How To Do :

Bottom Part :

  • Fold a piece of tulle in half then grab the bottom of the crocheted top and push the tulle loop through.
  • Grab the two ends of the tulle and pull them through the loop, making a slip knot.
  • Continue all the way around until you achieve your desired fullness.
  • If you need more fluffy look add the layers of tulle around the crochet top. I gave 3 layers for this fluffy look.
  • Make small pieces of tulle fabric around 6 – 7 inches in both colors and put a knot at the end of each tulle connected with the crochet top with alternate colors(Black tulle for Burgundy and vice versa).
Making a slip knot
Making a slip knot


Adding Layers to the dress
Adding Layers to the dress


Bottom knots at the end for the fluffy look
Bottom knots at the end for the fluffy look


Shoulder part :

Now decide the center of the dress in the crochet top and make a slip knot. Now assuming the length around the shoulder make again a slip knot in the backside center of the crochet top. Actually, this part is added just to avoid the sleeveless look. My kid is little lean so I suggested this idea would work out.

Hip Part :
  • Satin ribbon with bigger width can be wrapped around the hip and make a bow like a shape in the front center of the crochet top.
Upgradation Part :
  • To add a gorgeous look you can stitch some flowers on the crochet top. Artificial Flowers can be bought in dollar stores or Wal-Mart for cheap.
  • Measure how long you want your shoulder straps to be, cut the satin ribbon and tie to the front and back of the crochet leaving a space for my kid’s hand. I measured about an inch and a half from the front of the crocheted top. Another option is tying the straps together in the front center of the crochet top and tying around the neck.
  • Now to give the Cinderella look to the dress I added another layer around the hip with half the length then later split the layers into two sides and stitched or you can use a rubber band to group it together.
    My supermodel in the adorable Tutu Dress
    My supermodel in the adorable Tutu Dress

    Astonished on looking my Supermodel? I really need to introduce my Princess here. She is my daughter wearing the completed costume on her 1st birthday celebration. Love of my life, always inspiring me to be a super excited mom. Without her support, I  couldn’t be a passionate mom that I wish for. Love you loads sweetheart. You know how much Mommy loves you.

  • Never rush into buying anything online then probably you are wasting money in shipping. Plan better, purchase before to avoid wastage of money.
  • Buy Tutu top and Tulle fabric in any wholesale sites to get it cheap. It can also be found on online sites like eBay and Amazon and it’s a perfect way to buy tulle fabric if you are in India.
  • My preferred sites to buy in the US :
[amazon_link asins=’B00E9SVC6U,B014D1AWH2,B014D1AGMS,B00VMT8HN0,B01K48ZG8S’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’amazonplugin00-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’9e1ca27b-971a-11e7-b879-1f65c30aedb6′]


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    Oh my gosh your little one is just so adorable!!!! She is so cute in this tutu!!

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    oh my heavens that baby girl and dress are so stinkin cute!!!! I love this tutorial, so many moms won’t even attempt this because they think it’s really difficult and/or involves sewing!

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      Indeed Stella, also it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you created something on your own for your little bundle of joy.