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How To Make DIY Large Paper Flowers For Backdrop

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Planning a party? Or planning a photoshoot that needs a perfect backdrop? These large paper flowers are the simply stunning go-to decoration for an easy backdrop. I made these for a photoshoot backdrop which came absolutely stunning. The giant flowers made the pictures look more unique and festive.  Learning how to make one of these is surprisingly simple. You can choose the size and depth of the flowers based on the backdrop size you decide. Let’s get started with the supplies you need. For the detailed video tutorial click below.

Detailed Video Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  • Construction Paper
  • A square sized cardboard piece (I used cheerios box)
  • Scissor
  • Glue Gun

paper flower pinterest


  1. Take a construction paper, trace and cut the template for the flowers. Make sure you follow the dimensions mentioned in the above video.
  2. Once the template is ready, decide your flower colors and start cutting the petals using the template.
  3. Approximately you might need 6 petals for each layer. We are making a 3layered flower here.
  4. Now make a small cut in the center of the petals and glue them together to create a petal appearance as shown in the video.
  5. From a cheerios box cut a square shaped piece and start pasting the petals in a circular manner.
  6. Make sure you maintain a circular pattern until you reach the inner layer.
  7. For the center, take a strip-shaped construction paper and cut into tiny strips leaving the other end attached as shown in the video.
  8. Roll the strip carefully and paste it to make sure the roll doesn’t come off. Now cautiously open the strips facing outward to create a bloom view.
  9. Paste this little strip flower in the center of the giant flower.

Viola!!! Your adorable yet simply stunning giant flowers are ready. You can make them as many you want. To make a different flower with different size adjust the petal dimensions.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any different idea on how to make giant paper flowers or you have tried making this, feel free to share with us.  You can also make this and get featured on our social platform for the world to see. Upload it on social media and tag us. @passionatemoms.


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  1. Avatar

    Those are really very cute! I always love a good paper flower craft, they are perfect for so many types of parties. The best part is you can customize the colors to match your theme.

    • Avatar

      Exactly true. These are perfect for any party themes. I am glad you liked it.

  2. Avatar

    My daughters love paper flowers and she is already busy making them to decorate a gift that she’s wrapping for a friend! Thank you for the idea!

    • Avatar

      Awww! Thank you, Sarah Brumley. I am glad this idea worked out for your daughter.

    • Avatar

      I am sure your daughter would have fun making these. Thank you for dropping by.

  3. Avatar

    These look awesome! I always have trouble making the right size or I make one side larger than the other. I will try and follow your instructions and hope I get something similar LOL