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Jungle Theme Birthday Decoration Ideas

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May 2016 was such a fabulous and most important month for me. Yes, it’s my daughter’s first birthday. I can’t believe she is one year already! I miss the sweet cuddly time spent with my daughter where she doesn’t even know how to walk or crawl so someone, please stop the time.

I really wished for celebrating her birthday party with a great idea so that all our friends would be astonished by gathering in the party but at the same time, I was concerned about not to spend a fortune. Being a crafty person how could I allow myself to buy things and decorate my home so I just decided to give my daughter a special surprising birthday party with handmade party decorations.

Choosing the theme for her birthday was such a challenge. If it was her second or third birthday that job would be easier for me as they by themselves can choose the theme. Now it is my hands so by giving a thought me and my husband decided to have jungle theme party as she can recognize and enjoy playing with the stuffed plush animals from monkeys to elephants to teddy bears.

This whole birthday party decoration was planned and decorated by me from creating a giant paper tree, cupcake stand, entrance banner and even the dress my daughter wore on that day. My husband and me we both decided to spend time and do something for our daughter so that we can show her how much we love her and how important she is. It’s a great party idea which can be a cute idea for a baby shower as well. We first decided to bring in a tree inside our home to give the forest feel and without the help of my husband I couldn’t finish this tree.

In this post, I will show you how to throw a jungle theme birthday party that too very cost effective. A simple determination and hard work can make this jungle theme birthday party perfect for any kids to love regardless of the age.

Below you can find the decoration ideas with photographs as it is a ridiculously long list I split the list for an easy view.

  • Giant Paper Tree
  • 12 Months Caterpillar
  • Jungle Theme Cake and cake toppers


Giant Paper Tree :

Materials Required:

  • Green construction Paper(bought in amazon.com)
  • Kraft roll paper(bought in Dollar Tree)
  • Cellotape, Scissors.

How to do :

  1. Download any leaf template and draw it on a piece of cardboard and cut it through.Or else if you are good at drawing you can just make a sketch of the leaf you need in any cardboard and cut on the sketch.
  2. By using the template draw over the construction paper and cut the leaves as much you need and keep aside.I made 4 leaves for a paper and used 75 papers.
  3. Fix the place where you gonna put that tree so that using the kraft paper you can make the trunk and branches.Cut the required amount of kraft paper for the trunk and shrink it as much you can to form the texture and paste it on the wall using cello tape.
  4. For the branches again take a required amount and shrink it and try to paste it like a branch(getting narrow towards each end) all over the wall.
  5. Now paste the leaves on and all around the branches for giving a bushy feel.
  6. To give a more attention you can add some details like any birds or nest as I did I adding the owl.
  7. That’s it! The Beautiful giant tree is ready for the forest theme birthday.


12 Months Caterpillar:

First of all this caterpillar idea is not tagged with the forest theme, it can be included in any first birthday parties irrespective of any theme.

Materials Required :

  • Construction paper of multicolor (bought it in Micheal’s)
  • 12 Months stickers(you can find it online, bought in amazon.com)
  • Scissors
  • Black sketch pen
  • Your baby’s photo of each month.

How To Do :

  1. Make sure all the photos of your babies are printed.
  2.  Cut in the 13  round shapes in each construction paper.
  3.   Just paste the photos and that sticker to make note of which photo was taken on which month.
  4. Now comes the head part which gonna give the life to the caterpillar, just paste the goggly eyes of the same size in one of the circle shaped papers and with the help of yarn just make a small pom-pom and paste it as a nose, with the help of sketch or any sticker draw the mouth.Draw a droplet-like sketch on the paper and cut it through, paste it above the eye for giving a surprised look for the caterpillar.
  5. At last the leg part just draws in a paper of how you like the leg to be and cut two legs for each segment and give an outline on the leg, paste it from behind the segment.
  6. Now the caterpillar is ready and just paste the segments in what shape you needed(linear, zig-zag etc..)following one after the other.


Jungle Theme Cake and Cake Toppers:

Hey, I didn’t prepare this cake we ordered in a bakery. I just bought the cake toppers and decorated the cake with those animal toys. This is a complete fondant cake bought from NUTPHREE’s pastry shop and I ordered the toys in amazon.com. With the final words, I really need to thank my friends who helped me out in creating such a beautiful jungle inside my home. “Thank you, friends, without you all it couldn’t be this much perfect”



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  1. Avatar

    It was indeed superb idea Sindhu. Loved it. we really enjoyed Rithu’s Birthday party. Kudos to you and Anna 🙂 you guys made it. I’m sure that it’s a priceless gift to her.

    • Avatar
      suja Reply

      Thank you so much Malini, actually you were the people made her b’day into a great celebration and thanks for your time.

    • Avatar

      Hi Sindhu,
      It’s really inspiring for us. We also planned to create these type of activity for our son. I really appreciate you efforts and thanks for keeping motivated. Happy to see all pics and works .


      • Avatar
        suja Reply

        So kind of you for the lovely comments.Once you have decided the theme let me know I might help you in some ideas.Thanks

  2. Avatar

    This is absolutely adorable! I haven’t seen such a wonderful birthday party decoration. Love all of the decorations tree, caterpillar, welcome signs, balloon decoration and everything. Felt like we were in a jungle, really we were astonished. Awww, RITHU KUTTY she’s tooooo cute. Great work by you and anna…. we had a great time… Really it was a huge hit!!!

    • Avatar
      suja Reply

      Glad you liked it! You were the people made this party an incredible blasting hit and thank you for that.

  3. Avatar

    It looks amazing Suji. It’s more hardwork and creativity at its best. My belated birthday wishes to your child.

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