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Let your Kid Fail for the better Future.

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Encouraging and helping kids is such a great effort every parent should take. Is this enough for a healthy parenting? Well, the answer is no absolutely not. Here I need to clarify something. There is a great difference between helping the kids on doing their own work & helping them by “us” doing their work. I have seen many parents being overprotective and thinks their kids needs their help. It’s completely wrong, you being the parents you should know when your kid needs you. “It’s good for parents to not always step in. If we do, our children think they have to learn everything from us,” says Erik Fisher, a psychologist.

Overprotecting is simply called over-parenting. You can see those sort of parents in every place who “rush to school at the whim of a phone call from their child or school to deliver items such as forgotten lunches, forgotten assignments, forgotten uniforms” and “demand better grades or threaten withdrawal from school.” These parents are not focusing on one thing, they are just stopping their kids from being responsible and chance to solve their own problems. Due to over-parenting children do not learn to take responsibility (and the natural consequences) of their actions. When children make mistakes every parent should know it’s all about the learning curve and not a dereliction.

Parents with high responsiveness and low demandingness react very soon to their kid’s perceived needs and issues of their children, so spontaneously they react and solves the problem too.

But how your kid gonna learn the aspect until you are being so responsive. Give them time, Analyselet them think and approach the problem. They may succeed, sometimes they wouldn’t be able to find the solution and give up. This is where you should decide whether to step in or not. Analyze the problem, whether it is an actual threat or nothing to worry, if it is a real danger then your kid needs your help, if not just settle back and let your child face the fall, give some time later on give them some feedback.

The ones who are happiest and successful in their lives are the children who were allowed to fail, held responsible for missteps, and challenged to be the best people they could be in the face of their mistakes.Dear Parents, its time to decide whether you gonna do the homework of your kids or simply some encouragement and a glass of milk with snacks would do. Yes? Time to back off and see what happens.

“Happy  Parenting “

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    Dinesh Kumar Reply

    Very nice article. Indeed a must read for a lot of parents who takes extra steps thinking they are caring for their children instead of letting them take the fall and resurge to victory. I will definety try to follow this.

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    This article about “Lets make our child to fail for a better future “- is like a new way of parenting which
    helps the child to be responsible. I think the author seems to be more responsible in sharing her ideas & thoughts on parenting.Hats off to your great effort & thank you for your valuable articles.

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      suja Reply

      Thank you so much for your words.Keep on reading you will never get disappoint.