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Cuddle Your Babies

Love Is All We Give

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As parents what  are we gonna do to shape our kid’s brain? Isn’t it interesting? Here I am not only going to throw out my opinions I did some googling on it and collected some facts to make this post more precise.

Every parent loves to see their child as a smart one with good knowledge, but does knowledge alone makes our child smart and discipline? Does it help her to survive in this fast moving world?Absolutely not.

I Know it is difficult for our culture to take babyhood seriously. We are so focused on cognitive learning and achieving and earning that we neglect the importance of emotional skills. Emotional skills are rooted in the earliest relationships. I want more people to realise that the way we look after our babies is really important work.

Please never misguide your children by making them believe cognitive skills are only vital.Life is more than that.We should give our child a better character and habits to survive here,that is what I gonna concentrate in this post.

First tell me does anyone believe that pure LOVE is the only thing going to do this little miracle?Yes, guys love is something very important in a baby’s life.

You all wonder,why loving and being responsive to your baby is important:

Loving, touching and responding to your baby’s signals help your baby’s nervous system to mature without being overstressed.  Your love makes a baby feel secure so she can be unhampered in developing her brain in other ways.You help give your baby a healthy immune systemYou contribute to your baby’s robust stress response.You are helping to build up your baby’s prefrontal cortex and her ability to hold information in mind, to reflect on feelings, to hold back impulses and be well-adjusted in her social relationships in the future.  The early stage of a baby life is the main phase where our child starts setting their personality and character.The orbitofrontal cortex develops almost entirely after the baby is born, and does not mature until toddlerhood.Lots of positive experiences as a baby, such as being smiled at and cuddled produce brains with more neuronal connections, and this produces a smart brain.

Many parents are bumbled on bonding  with babies,I guess u may try these below if it helps.

Handle her a lot, interact with her, establish eye contact and communicate with your eyes.  Make her feel secure and that you are always there when she needs you.Be sensitive to your baby’s changing mood and states, and respond to these.Teach your baby to differentiate the range of feelings like anger, annoyance, and irritation by engaging in baby talk and mirroring her feelings so she can learn about what she is going through.Be patient with your baby when she is crying.  Do not shout at her.  Be calm and reassure her that everything is okay. Breastfeed. This is one activity where baby feels at peace and loved.  This activity soothes the mother too.Lovingly play with your baby.If you have to put your kid in childcare, make sure that the caregiver really pays attention to the child.  It is the kind of care that counts more than who gives the caring.

I just don’t want to stop my post by mentioning the pros alone so kids who are unfortunate to be loved by their parents have a greater impact.

All kinds of negative early experience—starting with having a stressed-out mother during pregnancy, and including harshness, shouting, hitting, leaving the baby to cry, humiliating or ignoring the child, and separation from the parent—generate stress hormones in the infant. Chronically high levels of the stress hormone cortisol during this period of dependent babyhood can have lasting effects on the rapidly developing nervous system. Everyone’s story is different and unique to them, but stressful and unhappy early love relationships do shape the brain. For example, if you grow up around anger or violence, your brain becomes more sensitive and reactive to the threat; some children so exposed will grow up to behave in antisocial ways themselves. If you have faced early separation from loved ones, or have been ignored by a depressed mother, for example, your brain may be hyper-reactive to stress, which can predispose to depression in adulthood. Very unpredictable or frightening parenting early in life has been linked with adult personality disorders.

So, my dear parents it’s an eye opener, please do brace yourself and just show your love.They are all your kids just expecting the pure unconditional love.

Thanks folks for stopping by here a minute to read this post,just call your kids and start pouring your love and cuddle ur baby- they really need it.


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