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Main Course / Rice Recipes

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Rice is a staple food grain in many South Indian homes.The best thing about rice dishes is that it is gluten free and can be safely given to babies or even old people. In fact, it is the first food that is given to infants. Even sick people are given simple rice preparations.Not only for consuming, rice is even considered as a symbol of life and fertility,which is why rice is traditionally thrown as a blessing at the bride in weddings. There is another interesting fact, one of the secrets to Chinese architecture under the Chinese Ming dynasty (1300-1600) can be found hidden in limestone. Rice, which adds strength and stability, was used in the walls of the city of Nanjing.

Here I have listed huge collection of simple recipes like variety rice,one pot meals called pulao,biriyani and fried rice recipes made healthy, delicious and aromatic. Do try out and enjoy!!


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