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Meet The PassionateMoms

Meet The Passionate Moms, An Interview with Sybil Jones

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We Moms will never settle for anything unless it’s our passion. This interview series #MeetThePassionateMoms is all about the stories of real moms who share their motherhood journey and still how they consistently focus on chasing their dreams.

We are so excited to feature “Sybil Jones”, for this month’s Meet The Passionate Moms Interview Series.  She is a writer, contributing author,  and a mother of three girls who is behind the blog ” Mamas and Coffee ~ Empowering Women One Sip At A Time”. We personally thank her for taking the time to share her Mompreneur journey with us.

Sybil Jones is an inspiring woman who is passionate about helping other women to find themselves. She also loves to help parents in raising secure children when it comes to self-esteem, anti-bullying, and education through her blog.   We hope you enjoy getting to know her journey as much as we have. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and be inspired.

     1. Let’s get to know you:

 I’m a mom of 3 beautiful girls, married to a US Naval Officer and an owner of a lively little Maltese.  I was born and raised in East TN (GO BIG ORANGE!).  Graduated many years ago from the University of Memphis with a degree in Logistics and Marketing.  No, I don’t use my degree anymore, but love the journey I’m on to empower others.  Of course, I love to travel and meet new people.  It makes being married to a sailor easy.  

      2. Tell us about your family:

We are a lively bunch.  Lol…  My hubby is surrounded by four females, and our three daughters have a little of me in each of them.  Poor guy just can’t catch a break.  HAHAHAHA  We are like most American families keeping busy with different activities, but we also ensure we take the time to connect and relax.  We bounce from the softball field to horseback riding and the pool.  These kids picked sports that neither hubby nor I know much about, but it’s a great experience for all of us.  God and education are important in our household.  I’m not saying we are always in church or live a perfect life (but what is a perfect life?), but we strive to treat others fair and educate our children and ourselves in all subject matter.  

     3. What’s your passion and have you initiated the step towards following your dreams? What was it?

I turn the big 4-0 in August and let me tell ya; I finally know what I want to do when I grow up.  Lol  My passion is to help other women find themselves.  As women, we give so much of ourselves to our children, spouse, family members, and friends.  We forget to live.  We forget that it’s ok to take time for ourselves after becoming a mother.  Heck, we forget just to be REAL.  I also want to help parents in raising secure children when it comes to self-esteem, anti-bullying, and education.  

For years, I ran separate blogs. I didn’t want others to read my stories of being real (you know, the honesty of wanting to run away for a few hours cause your kids just won’t hush, or that my kids and husband were just on my nerves) alongside my stories about self-esteem, anti-bullying, and education.  After burning out from juggling the separate sites and being real in my Mamas and Coffee Facebook group, I realized this was EXACTLY what others needed and wanted.  This my friend is how my new site started.

     4. What do you do outside of blogging:

Outside of my blog, I am the President of our lovely Navy Housing Community, a volunteer at my children’s schools and I work out.  Yeah, I started working out with a group of ladies here in our neighborhood shortly after we moved.  My first day they told me to carry a 20lb ball and run with it.  WHHHAAATT???  What happened to jumping jacks and standard push-ups? Yeah, I hadn’t worked out since my school years, but I survived, and I keep going back for more. HAHAHA  Outside of these things I am getting kids to and fro, chatting it up (I’m a talker), taking care of the home front, and just being me!  

     5. What do you like to do on your “Me Time”?

 This one is easy.  I like to sleep.  I used to schedule a daily nap from 1-2:20.  Best thing ever!!  Now I find myself sitting on the lanai relaxing for a bit.  I also enjoy going out to grab a quiet lunch or a pamper session just for me!  

     6. Being a  Mom how do you plan a schedule for blogging?

 I literally laughed out loud at this question.  Honestly, I fly by the seat of my pants 9 times out of 10.  There is a method to my madness of posting twice a week (Tuesday and Friday).  My children are all in school, so I keep office hours.  I know what my deadlines are and I work accordingly, but I do not have any specific days of doing a certain task.  

     7. How do you motivate yourself to continue blogging?

In the past, I wondered if my message was reaching others.  It felt like no one saw, let alone read my blog.  When I wanted to give up, it always seemed as though someone reached and thanked me for a story shared.  So, now I keep myself motivated with knowing that someone is out there and that someone needs to read my story.I keep myself motivated with knowing that someone is out there and that someone needs to read my story.  That story is helping and blessing another human being.

     8. Do you want to thank anyone?

  My husband has always supported each crazy idea.  He will shoot them down and make me rethink, but he is always in my corner and supports all my crazy business ideas on the financial end.  My children and their patience with me saying, “give mommy, ten more minutes” and the fact that they are part of the reason I started blogging in the first place.  The focus has changed, but the original purpose is due to them.  My mom and granny.  Neither read my blog, but they have always encouraged me to reach for the stars and to be REAL!

 A dear friend Mrs. Adams.  She is no longer here on earth with me, but she was someone that kept pushing me to share my story, supported my crazy ideas and kept it REAL with me.  She is still in my heart, and I still hear her saying, “JONZ, you dirtbag!”  Mr. Doughty.  He is a fellow co-worker that has and is still one of my biggest fans.  He nicknamed me Dr. Jones and encouraged me to share my heart with the world.  Last, but not least Mrs. Porter.  This life I live as a Navy wife allows me to meet so many different people.  This lady right here keeps me in stitches.  We crack jokes and laugh all the time.  We stay in trouble but in a good way and she’s been a great friend, listens to me, allows me to bounce ideas off her (she always agrees with the Mr. though) and is beyond honest.  Lol  So, to each of you, I appreciate you and love you!  

     9. What is the one question you wish someone would ask you but never does?

Can I touch your hair?  Most people don’t ask, they just go to dive in.  Pump your breaks.  I don’t know you like that.  😊  No, you may not touch my hair.  

     10. Being a Mom, how do love to raise your kid and with what qualities.  

I want to raise honest and respectful children.  I believe these two qualities go a long way in life.

     11. What’s the biggest change and challenge you faced in your life since you started blogging as a Mother?

Not ignoring my family.  You can get wrapped up in providing content for your readers that you forget that you have your own readers right at your feet.

     13. What’s the purpose of your blog and reason behind choosing this blog niche?   

 My blog’s purpose is to empower others through my personal stories.  I hope my stories let others know they are not alone.

     14. What inspired you to start blogging?  

Society.  We live in a world of “perfection,” and that is not reality.  I want others to see you can live YOUR life and still be happy.  When I first started blogging it was to share my stories of being a mom, as an online journal of my kids’ milestones and adventures.  

     15. What’s your Blogging goals:

Short term: Empower others to be themselves and reach for the stars.

Long term: Be a guest on a talk show.

     16. Have you guest posted for someone? For whom? 

Blog URL: http://www.joelascott.com/believe-yourself/   

Contributor to: http://www.collectivevoicemag.com/2017/02/01/wake-up-with-your-purpose/

     17. Do you accept guest posts? If yes, tell us about it!  

YES!  My blog covers all aspects LOVE, LIFE, FAMILY, and HOME.  That means you can write about anything.  You can contact me at momjonz@mamasandcoffee.com

     18. Words for other Aspiring Moms:

 Don’t wait for your cheering squad; they may never appear.  Know what you want and go for it.  You may hit a few rough patches, but stay strong and keep on pushing.  The only person that can stop you is yourself.  Head up, shoulders back and high step right into your dream!

Thank you, Sybil Jones, for sharing your story with Passionate Moms. You are amazing!

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    I also have an interview series for creative moms on my blog. It is really inspiring to know about other moms. Good to read about Sybil and her journey.

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      Hi kreativemommy. I will say it took me some time to figure out what I wanted to do or what my purpose was. I’m so glad to be sharing my story with others. I would love to answer your questions for your series.