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Meet The PassionateMoms

Meet The Passionate Moms, An Interview with Aditi Wardhan Singh

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We Moms will never settle for anything unless it’s our passion. This interview series #MeetThePassionateMoms is all about the stories of real moms who share their motherhood journey and still how they consistently focus on chasing their dreams.

We are so excited to feature “Aditi Wardhan Singh”, for this month’s “Meet The Passionate Moms” Interview Series.  She is an inspiring mom of two amazing kids, a writer, and founder of “Raising World Children ~ Where culture meets parenting”.  We personally thank her for taking the time to share her Mompreneur journey with us.

Aditi Wardhan Singh is a passionate mom who writes to help other parents struggling to find the perfect balance of modern thinking, self and culture. Through her “Raising World Children” magazine, she provides a diverse global perspective to open-minded parents to empower their children to grow to be gracious, positive global thought leaders. We hope you enjoy getting to know her journey as much as we have. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and be inspired.

     1. Let’s get to know you:

I’m Aditi Wardhan Singh. Founder and chief editor of the global initiative – Raising world Children. I am also a freelance writer for Huffington Post, Thrive Global, RichmondMomsBlog, Desh Videsh Magazine, having been featured on Richmond Family Magazine and NBC12. I am a movie buff with an enthusiasm for reading and dance. I am a mom of two adorable kids aged three and six.

      2. Tell us about your family:

I am an Indian, raised in Kuwait with parents from different parts of India. Life has always been a journey of sorts from one country to the next. I came to the United States with my husband after marriage and now am raising my two lovely children here, in this melting pot of cultures.

     3. What’s your passion and have you initiated the step towards following your dreams? What was it?

Mom of two, I am passionate equally about parenting and writing. I truly enjoy being at home with my kids and thus, I combined my love of the two biggest loves of my life into writing my blog that looked at the positive part of raising kids in a multicultural life, balancing the American culture while maintaining our Indian heritage. I went from mom blogger to freelance writer to founder of the Raising World Children, where voices from around the world are coming together to talk about the effect of cultural mindsets and heritage on our lives.

     4. What do you do outside of blogging:

Outside of Raising World Children, I write and outside of writing, I spend time with my kids. Outside of that I make my house, home cooking, organizing, shopping, planning parties etc. 🙂

     5. What do you like to do on your “Me Time”?

I enjoy reading, watching TV, and having dance parties with my little ones.

     6. Being a  Mom how do you plan a schedule for blogging?

Yes, planning a schedule is the most important part of being in the online space. Without that you are left scrambling for time and feeling totally disconnected from your family because believe it or not, your passion can consume all your time because you enjoy it so much! I have hours and days set for each activity. Working from home though, it is paramount to keep ample amount of leeway for disruption and distractions.

     7. How do you motivate yourself to continue blogging?

My desire to reach as many people as possible with the positive message of hope keeps me blogging. To share my life stories and perspectives and create relatable content for someone out there who may be in need to a shoulder or advice. That keeps me going!

     8. Do you want to thank anyone?

So many people! My heart fills with gratitude. For my husband and best friend who gifted me journals to write in. For my friends who encouraged me with kind words or sharing my content. For my mentors who guided me with advice or help. For my collaborators, for my guest writers and anyone who chooses to join hands with me in this small initiative to create a better world.

     9. What is the one question you wish someone would ask you but never does?

“ How are you? “ No one asks that anymore. Everyone is so busy in their lives and assume that someone who is active online will surely share their life completely. These days, “ How are you ? “ is supposed to be answered with “ Good “. On bad days, it would be nice for someone to reach out and express their real desire for an actual response. I miss those carefree days before marriage when we had friends who had all the time in the world to talk to you about how you are really feeling!

     10. Being a Mom, how do you love to raise your kid and with what qualities.  

I  strive to raise them with gratitude and hope. With qualities of kindness, a good heart and the desire to be a great person all around. To listen to those they care for. To be open to discussions and have always to be curious about the world around them.  And also to have a healthy attitude towards the cynical world.

     11. What’s the biggest change and challenge you faced in your life since you started blogging as a Mother?

I face changes and challenges constantly. The persistent challenges of starting how to start a new avenue and then learning how to fit it into my schedule with the kids, home and myself are mind-boggling. On the other hand, it is a great way to keep your mind sharp! Like playing a game of chess with yourself.

     12. What’s the purpose of your blog and reason behind choosing this blog niche?

I was working on my book project when I realized when talking about cultures, my blog+perspective is not enough. We need to have a platform where everyone shares their viewpoints about today’s cultures and their heritage.

     13. What inspired you to start blogging?  

I was a lonely mom, starting to let the daily drama of friendship affect me. For lack of a friend to talk to, I took to penning my emotions and be more productive by focusing on my writing through my blog and pitching to publications.

     14. What’s your Blogging goals:

Short term: To get guest writers on board. To find sponsors to help us grow.

Long-term: To have a team of dedicated people to work towards the same goals with.

     15. Have you guest posted for someone? For whom? 

Blog URL: Yes, much and often. You can find it all at – http://aditi.ws/SilverLinings/

     16. Do you accept guest posts? If yes, tell us about it!  

Yes. Raising World Children is after all a global initiative that welcomes writers and kids to showcase their perspectives from all around the world. You can find details here  – http://raisingworldchildren.com/submit-content/

     17. Words for other Aspiring Moms:

You don’t have to earn your bread or butter by your passion. But your passion fuels your soul. Make sure to follow it in some way. Also, if you do get serious about your passion, know that it will be full of failures and rejections. That is the time you just hug your kids harder and remember your “ Why“.  Focus on that always and the rest will fall into place.

Anything else you’d like to share with us? Go for it!!! Leave a message for your readers:

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Thank you, Aditi Wardhan Singh for sharing your story with Passionate Moms. You are amazing!

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