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Meet The PassionateMoms

Meet The Passionate Moms, An Interview with Teresa Branam Wilgus

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We Moms will never settle for anything unless it’s our passion. This interview series #MeetThePassionateMoms is all about the stories of real moms who shares their motherhood journey and still how they focus on chasing their dreams.

I am very excited to introduce “Teresa Branam Wilgus”, writer, contributing author and a mother of three boys who is behind the blog ” Midwest Girl’s Dreams” for taking the time to share her Mompreneur journey with us. She is an inspiring woman that I met her in Collective Voice Magazine and we are “co-author buddies “. Her blog surely intrigues the reader attention because it doesn’t fit into any single niche and I love that idea. Her writing is all about her personal life experiences and the past life lessons she learned from the mistakes. She hopes to help readers to look at their situations and happenings in a different way, maybe a more positive way and lead a peaceful life.  I hope you enjoy getting to know her journey as much as we have. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and be inspired.

     1. Let’s get to know YOU and your family.

I was born and raised in Indiana. I am a Mom of 3 sons who are now three amazing young men; ages 27, 24 & 23. When my second son was born, I became a Stay At Home Mom and remained one for 14 years. Although that was taking away an income to our family, they are years I would not trade for anything. I went back to school when my youngest entered high school. I began working full time as a dental assistant, moved into a front office position and remained in the field for over 10 years in which I became unemployed unexpectedly.

I began blogging in June of 2016. I am a contributing staff writer for Collective Voice Magazine and have my own Personal Lifestyle Blogging Website. I also have done Guest Blogging for a few other online magazines. My personal blog website was originally set up because Collective Voice was powered by WordPress & it was a requirement. Since June 2016 I have decided to “take it to the next level” and begin monetizing. I am preparing a Freelance/Content Writing Service hoping to officially launch by the end of May 2017.

      2. What’s your passion and have you initiated the step towards following your dreams? What was it? 

I started researching what Blogging was all about. I’ve always had a dream to write and be published, yet never acted on it. One of the first groups I joined was “Blogging Newbs” The first “Post” I saw was made by a member preparing to launch an online magazine and looking for writers. We passed messages for a short time. He asked if I had any writing samples to send him. When I simply answered “No”, he welcomed me as a contributing staff writer

From childhood, I always had a dream to become a published writer as well as write a book. Throughout life into adulthood, I only thought about it once in a while, yet never pursued the dream. A professor I had in a Continuing Education (English Comp) as an adult pointed she saw something special in my writing and encouraged me to pursue it. I have had a few other people in my life do the same. Lack of confidence in my ability kept me from taking that advice. I honestly did not feel my writing was anything special.

     3. What do you do outside of blogging: 

I live with my boyfriend of 7 years. We love the outdoors, being in the sun by the water. Living in Seattle the Summer months are only about 3 months long, but they are beautiful. We go the beach whenever we can. My sons are all grown and out of the house so, I no longer have the responsibility of young children. At this current time, I continue to look for employment outside of the house. However, working on creating a Freelance Writing Service and grown it to be my career. Writing is what I love and now believe in my ability. So, writing and preparing a Startup is what I do in my spare time.

      4.What do you like to do on your “Me Time”? 

When I have “Me” time I have to make an effort to NOT Blog or write. Although, being alone and able to write without interruption is my best writing time. I do enjoy cooking & baking, walking in Seattle on a sunny day or going to the beach.

      5. Being a Mom how do you plan and schedule for blogging? 

As I mentioned, my boys are now amazing young men. I’ve done my duties with young ones at home. They are all now out of the home. My youngest just graduated from college so, this is an adjustment for me. My belief is you never stop being a mom, they don’t need you to cook for them or meet them when they step off the bus from school. They without a doubt still need you, just in other ways. This part of Motherhood is harder on the Mother than the children. Letting go without really letting go is so important. Our children need to experience the world at this point. They need to make mistakes and learn, I know that. Letting them do it and not fix their problems is extremely hard.

     6.How do you motivate yourself to continue blogging?  

When I get even the smallest comment or suggestion that something I have written has helped a reader or a reader has connected in some way with that article, I am motivated. I take my life experience and put them in a story with the lessons I have learned in hopes to do so. Writing comes extremely easy for me and at times is very therapeutic. It took me until later in life to find it and believe in it. God gives us all a gift, I believe this is mine.

    7. Do you want to thank anyone? 

Jordan Zeitler, Creator/Owner/Editor and Writer of Collective Voice Magazine was the Facebook Member who gave me that chance to pursue writing. This opportunity does not always happen in life, sometimes not at all. I believe and always will believe he crossed my path for a reason. If I had not seen that posting, who knows if that opportunity would ever come around again. Joining up with Jordan’s magazine was the best thing I have ever done. I continue to write for Jordan and I will continue to do so in one way or another for a very, very long time. Jordan and his group have taught me so much and Jordan has continued to push and encourage me to challenge my writing abilities. There have been some challenges he believed in my ability and I wanted to tell him he was insane. In the end, Jordan was right. I see now how stepping out of your creative box enhances your work tremendously. Because of this I have had others ask me to Guest Blog, as well as Jordan giving me more responsibilities at the magazine. I am extremely lucky. I take every chance I get to work my “How I Began” story into an article and I will continue to tell the story in hopes to encourage someone afraid to take a chance, to take that chance.


      8.What is the one question you wish someone would ask you but never does?

“Why are you so beautiful?” I am actually just kidding about that! This is a tough question, I am not one who loves talking about myself. I love sharing my experiences on Motherhood and on Life. However, I cannot really think of a question I am hoping to be asked.

      9. Being a Mom, how do you love to raise your kid and with what qualities.

As a Mom, it was very important to me to teach my 3 sons to be respectful not only to adults but people of all ages. It was also very important to their father and me to instill quality family values and the importance of keeping family relationships in high regards. This includes family such as Grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles. Going to church on a regularly was also important. I believe exposing them not only to our religious beliefs, but also to have another place to go and experience the nature of being a giving person, a loving person.

As my boys grew older they were given freedom (appropriate for each stage in childhood). However, they had rules they were expected to follow. Boys will be boys and kids will be kids, we have to expect them to make mistakes. We learn by our mistakes and become a stronger person. My sons were no way perfect, I will say though they really respected the family rules and caused very little frustration for me.

I personally feel, we as parents need to do our best to teach high moral standards and how to respect others, as well as what is good and what is bad. When our children grow into adulthood, we hope what we instilled in them meant something. I am very proud of the young men my sons have become and clearly see when they have children of their own, they will pass down the same values.

     10. What inspired you to start blogging?

The encouragement of others, a dream to be an author as a child. My sons are adults so there really are no challenges in finding time. However, because they are adults and many of my articles are from past experiences, I try to be sensitive to their feelings. For example, when their father and I divorced it was tough on the boys. However, he and I put priority in keeping the family values but having a different type of family. We remain, good friends, he and his partner come to our house at times or we all meet for dinner. Now, however, they know my style of writing and the person I am. They also truly know and believe, they are the most important people in my life and I would protect them in any way I can.

      11. What’s the biggest change and challenge you faced in your life since you started blogging as a Mother?

My sons have all now moved out of the home. My youngest just graduating from college. Learning how to parent in a different way is challenging. Now focusing more on different life goals is a big change.

 12. What’s your blogging goals?

Short term: To continue to increase my Blog traffic and to establish readers who enjoy the content and return on a regular basis.

Long term: I would like to eventually be able to have my Blog self-supporting and to be able to write as a career.

     Have you guest posted for someone and for whom?

Yes, I write content for Collective Voice Magazine on a regular basis. I have written for Wisdom Ninja and TheThings.com

My last published piece for Collective Voice Magazine: When a Picture Says more than a thousand words

 13. Do you accept guest posts? If yes, tell readers about it!

Yes, I welcome anyone who would like to submit a piece to me via my website to do so. I love experiencing new writers and writing styles and to provide new things for my audience as well.

 14.Words for other Aspiring Moms:

The only advice I have based on my personal experience is you have to just start. Don’t get overwhelmed with doing research first. Find the helpful information available and pick what works best for you and your writing style. Most importantly, be patient.

15.Anything else you’d like to share with us? Go for it!!! Leave a message for your readers:

If you have a dream, follow it. Never think you aren’t good enough.


Thank you, Teresa Branum Wilgus, for sharing your story with PassionateMoms. You are amazing!

If you have any questions, please comment in the below section.

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    Good to know about Teresa from your blog. She is inspiring to people whi want to make a freelance career in writing.

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