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Mommy, It’s OK to be not perfect.

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I tried to grab the cookie pack from the too full handbag since my daughter has been crying. But the pack flew open and the cookies were all over the floor. There started the little tantrum drama. Is it a tantrum or meltdown? Whew.! I have no time to analyze the situation.

Picking the cookies and throwing it in the trash seems to be the appropriate action there. But guess what, my kid is literally lying on the floor along with the cookies. I really want to yell at her for embarrassing me.  Now, what’s next? Do I need to forcefully pick her? Or do I need to clean the floor? The other persons at the mall are judging me already. Thankfully my hubby arrived with a pack of candies bought in the nearby shop. The tantrum drama is over.

All I wanted was to get out of this mall.

My evening was already screwed with my so called “mommy guilt”.  But why me?  Why do I see me often as a victim of mommy guilt?  When I tried to answer the question I really did realize what a perfection freak I am.I was trying so hard to be the mom that all mommies expect to be – perfect. But the harder I tried, the more disastrous it got.

We all do mistakes and the consequences sometimes turn to be a disaster. But, still feeling guilty doesn’t make sense when you have no control over the things happened. Moms who always strive to be perfect are mostly the victims of mommy guilt.  But the truth is “Perfect mom doesn’t exist”. And we are doing no good to the kids by always trying to be perfect.

When I try to do everything perfectly,  my kid is going to mirror the behavior one day.  And, the sad part is if my daughter couldn’t do a single task perfectly in her future that will affect her self-esteem.  It means I have never taught her that it is ok to do mistakes. I don’t want my daughter to be the one who always strives for perfection and who is not ok with accepting the mistakes.

I want to teach my daughter to do the best she can and it doesn’t need to perfect. To make her realize this, I personally should stop looking for perfection so that I can create a peaceful situation for my family.  I have started to embrace the OK gesture. I don’t always get it right, but love is enough.

Do you see yourself to be a victim of mommy guilt often?  It’s time to shake off the mommy guilt. The love always defines you. Do your best, be happy and be confident in being the mom that you are. Learn from your mistakes and move on and pass it on to your kids too.

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    Oh, it is difficult! Though not a mom, I’m sure each and every parent goes through this dilemma. We simply need to do what’s best for the child and us. Love the post 🙂

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      That’s absolutely true Shalzz. It’s always doing the best than being perfect.

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      Don’t be hard on yourself. Feel proud of what you do and everything will fall into place.