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Outrageously Adorable My Little Pony Theme Birthday Decoration Ideas

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DIY Clouds & Rainbow:

  • Get a stock sheet or color papers of various colors.
  • Cut a circle shape in any cardboard with neat curves.
  • Using the template, make as much as many circle paper cuts in all different colors.
  • Using a wide white sheet, draw a cloud and cut through the markings using scissors.After the cloud is ready give a light outline so that cloud can be seen well from the wall.
  • Now apply some glue overall the sheet and paste the cotton on it.
  • Now paste the clouds on both the ends and paste the circle cut papers forming a rainbow-like arch.
  • That’s It! Rainbow & Clouds are ready to welcome all the little ponies.


Ceiling Decoration Using Tablecloth:

  • This is so simple to create but the only thing you need is help from anyone to hold the chair as we gonna create this is the ceiling.
  • Buy the table clothes of all colors available in dollar stores or Walmart for 1$. Already you have clothes of different colors then try using that by cutting all clothes in the same measurement to look even.
  • Now decide the center of the ceiling where you want this decoration.(The table you set for cake cutting has to be below this ceiling).
  • Paste the table clothes in a circular manner surrounding the center point.
  • Now paste the other end of the cloth facing away from the center point as shown in the image below.
  • If you planning to hang any pony pinata you can hang it in the center.


Balloon Arch:

  • My little pony is popular for its colorful theme. You don’t have any restriction towards colors.You can choose balloons with any combination of colors or a rainbow splash.
  • Inflate the balloons manually or through the air pump.Using the balloon arch pins arrange the balloons and create an arch.You can even find some balloon arch kit in amazon.com.
  • Decide where the cake cutting table is going to be placed.That’s the space the balloon arch is going to be arranged.
  • DIY Balloon Arch tape is also available ant making an arch is so simple with this tape.


Return Gift Bag:


  • Buy the plain colorful small gift bags available online in amazon or Walmart.
  • Using the foam sheets and Goggly eyes which can be bought in dollar tree you can create the pony faces making the gift bags matching the theme.

Other Party Decoration Accessories:

  • Don’t forget to enhance the party buy ordering cakes related to the theme and cupcakes decorated with the pony sticks.Suckers or lollipop with rainbow colors is also available to match with the pony theme.
  • You can buy the posters, pony caps, pony hairbands, return gifts, swirls, birthday banner in any party supply shops or online like party city, Oriental Trading etc..,

However,  I ‘m so inspired and will inevitably have a My Little Pony themed birthday party soon, once my daughter grows up a little bit and be obsessed with the ponies. Happy Partying!!!

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    Shivani Vijayakumar Reply

    Hi sindhu, First of all I need to thank you for sharing this photos in your blog dear , And also now I got a space to thank our friends(Bhuvi & Malini) who supported me a lot for this birthday celebration in person,

    I got the inspiration after seeing the rithu birthday photos in your blog , I captured the idea from ur creativity . You have organized in a fabulous way that shows how much u love Laddu ❤

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your kind words and actually it’s me who should Thank You for sharing the photos and allowing to post in my blog. The words what I wrote in the post is very true and I really meant it.