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DIY Dinosaur- Paper Plate Craft Idea

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Paper Plates are classic and almost “traditional” craft supply for kids. It’s the best choice for short notice crafting. It’s one of my favorite craft items as its cheap and easy to store. Paper plates, some basic craft supplies, and a little imagination will turn your kid into an artisan. This paper plate dinosaur is a perfect craft idea for toddlers, preschoolers and any beginners who would love to explore the craft world.

Craft supply required:
  • Paper plate
  • Glue
  • Color paper
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle stick
  • Pen
  • Cellotape
Steps to follow:
  • Cut the paper plate into two halves. However, one-half of the plate is what we require.
  • Trace the head, tail, body (zigzag pattern), legs on the color paper. Cut the traced area and make sure you have mini dots paper cut too.

Paper plate Dinosaur- Passionate Moms

  • Glue the dots to the paper plate as shown in the image. You can use different colors of paper or paint it.
  • Paste the other paper cuts(body parts) to the paper plate as described above. Wow! that looks amazing, isn’t it? Well, something is missing. I totally forgot the eyes and mouth of the dino which makes it look very funny without a face.

Paper plate Dinosaur- Passionate Moms

  • Draw the eye and mouth and make it look more alive. Using the cellotape, paste the popsicle stick to the dinosaur (as shown in the image) which makes it easy for kids to hold and have fun.

paper plate dinosaur - passionate momsGrab the supplies and start this fun craft project right away and have a quality time with your kids. Let me know how it came in the comment section below. I really love to chat.


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      Thank you Alice. Please keep checking my site, planned to post lot more craft ideas..

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    This one is so cooool…my son once made a turtle with paper plate in his playschool…loved this one.

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    shanayatales Reply

    This seems to be relatively easy and loads of fun. I will definitely try this out, as my 5 yo LOVES dinos!

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      Wow! That’s awesome and thank you for the comment. Let me know how it came.