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Every parent knows about parenting and they are actively involved but the sad part is many doesn’t know what is exactly a healthy parenting? Many thinks parenting is a single word we use on explaining the things we do for our child basically for their survival. Giving food, clothes, shelter and education doesn’t mean they are taken care completely. I wish each and every parent should know what is parenting and how we can do that effectively for our kids irrespective of their age.

Providing a safe,warmth and nurturing environment for our children with unconditional love is parenting. Apart from taking care of our kid’s physical and emotional development, the parent needs to concentrate on their social and intellectual development too. Because, these all four makes them a good person as every parent wish to see their child to be.

I know ,the world is revolving around the orbit faster than before and every one is running to  provide a better life to their kids but the sad truth is sometimes we forget to laugh and play with our kid. You may be a perfect parent struggling to make your kids life more perfect but they require some crazy unconditional love , cuddling mom and dad. When it’s too late there will be no rewind button to spend time with your kids. So run for your family and run along with them so they never misses you. Some parents might feel scared or confused on what you are doing is right or wrong. Parenting is always challenging but fun. You are not alone and there is always a parent like me to share the views on how to be a better parent every kid wishes for. Click here to find the tips and stories shared about pregnancy and positive parenting.



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