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Photo Frame with Floral Theme – Paper Quilling Art

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This post is so special to me because this was one of the first DIY craft work I have done with the paper quilling art.Basically, I am not good at work which involves a lot more patience and that was my weakness too.So my initial days of paper quilling art was a disaster.Especially, waiting till the glued part pastes completely is like passing a year of time. That’s why creating this floral theme quilling frame was a challenge to me.After completing this I got a confidence on working forward with the quilling art.Now my tolerance rate is grown well than I expected and I am loving to create crafts.

Getting back to the floral theme quilling frame, it is very easy and it requires not more than an hour.Choosing the colors and the flower patterns enhances the frame.This frame is good for any photo but photos of kids are the perfect choice I guess.I used four different types of flower pattern, a leaf pattern and a tiny foot pattern which makes a perfect choice for placing kids photo.Not only the quilling art also the frame is created using the cardboards and it requires a thin cardboard box like any cheerios box.

Finally, I need to introduce the two adorable sweetie pies in the photo.Yes, they are my lovely daughters who make my motherhood more exciting. Unfortunately, this was my first craft project so pictures on how to do it are not available and sorry for that.However, I am working on another DIY cardboard frame with quilling art currently and will post the tutorial with pictures very soon.I have managed to provide a closer look of the patterns so that you can get into details and try doing it.

I know it’s not any picture tutorial you expect but those who are already into this quilling world can easily understand the pattern ideas.For the beginners, before indulging in this adorable DIY frame quilling art get to know some initial knowledge about quilling by clicking the below link.

Introduction To Quilling

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