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Preconception Diet

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Preparing your body for pregnancy is not any easy thing to do.It’s about making your body environment ready for your baby to grow healthy.Tossing the birth control and drafting your ovulation alone is not enough.Before pregnancy your body should be ready enough with all nutrients, so to give a head start for your pregnancy, preconception diet is very important.

You may all wonder is there really any diet to follow during preconception? Yes, there is.Let’s get started with the diet plan, not to mention doing exercise regularly along with this healthy diet boosts your preconception health.Let’s talk about the steps that you can make to improve your reproductive health and prepare your body for conception. Men, you are definitely included here. Preconception health is about both parents.

Big NO to Junk Foods:

I have a reason for starting with this question.Every single person does have a junk food on their menu.Before getting conceive you yourself doing a favor for you and your baby is just kiss and tell a final goodbye to all the junk foods you love the most.At least until your delivery, junk foods have some serious impact on fertility.

Watch Out for Pesticides:

Foods rich in pesticides is often found everywhere and you need to be extra cautious on buying those.Buying all organic foods is not possible but it is better to be mostly organic at least for a while.

Proteins from Veggies:

Protein is a very important nutrient required for boosting the fertility.It is always better to have proteins from vegetables rather than meat.

Fish & Mercury content:

Intake of high mercury content may lead to miscarriage or some adverse effects on the embryo.Before having fish just prefer the variety which contains very low mercury level.Do not panic about this mercury stuff and avoid taking fish at all which will be a wrong decision, since the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish helps prevent preterm labor.

Whole Milk is best:

During preconception consider having whole milk than nonfat or skimmed milk because skimmed milk does have some negative effects.Indulge in whole milk, yogurt and ice creams daily which would lay the nutrient foundation.

Healthy Fats:

Intake of fats has to be considered very sensitive.Unnecessary bad fats may interfere with your preconception health.Always prefer to have healthy fats by eliminating trans fats.Using more unsaturated oils is a great option for fertility.A healthy fat diet should include vegetable oil, nuts, fish like salmon and sardines.

Slow Carbs are always better:

Carbohydrates from nonfiber food increase the glucose levels and insulin levels.To avoid that and improve fertility concentrate on fiber-rich foods like vegetables, whole grains, fruits and beans.

Drink a lot of water:

Tea and coffee a cup per day are fine but stay away from all the diuretic drinks like sodas, they have been found to increase your risk of ovulatory infertility.Not to mention it interferes with you being stayed hydration.

BMI for Preconception:  

What’s this?Both overweight and underweight women are at higher risk of ovulatory infertility.It is believed that Body Mass Index of 20 to 24 should be the best.

Get off that couch:

Regular exercise is found to improve female fertility, but overdoing it can create opposite effect.

Rainbow of Foods:

Red/Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue/Purple, White/Tan—try for at least one food from each color daily.Yes, color consuming veggies with different colors not only good during preconception its good for long run healthy life too.

Fertility Boosters:

Finally, I need to tell you the foods which boost the fertility.  Iron-rich plants such as beans, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin, beets, raspberries and whole grains are all fertility boosters.

Enjoy this special time in your life!It’s just not only preparing your body also your mental state on welcoming a new member to your family.I know it’s such a pride to be a mom one day and all the best for that wonderful role you gonna play in your life. Each and every women’s body is unique so enjoy the way it is by laying a healthy nutrition diet.Happy parenting!!!

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