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Protectiveness Spoils The Sport

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Every child is a wonder to their parents and to be protective of them is not unheard of. In today’s electronic world iPads and Xbox have spoiled the kids from having an actual physical activity. In addition to the existing hindrance from connecting to the world, parents protectiveness should not be an obstacle. It is more important for the kids to hangout with others.

Here, are some reasons as to why?

Cherish childishness:

Kids should hang out with kids to kindle their knowledge but at the same time, it will preserve their childishness. Yeah! we want kids to grow and be mature. Let’s not forget the fact that there is a lifetime ahead of them to grow but only a short span to be a kid.

Embrace Hurtfulness:

When kids play among themselves there is sure to be a wail. But, is it a good reason for the parents to keep the kids from playing? The answer would be a big “NO”. The world is not full of roses. They should learn to handle rejections. Let’s be honest we don’t always get what we want, neither will they.

Knowing the importance of sharing:

Adults often forget the happiness that sharing would bring. Let them learn to share the things that matter to them the most. I know, it’s not an easy choice for kids to make. Eventually, they will learn to give and be courteous to others feeling.

The power of Sorry:

Obviously, kids playing together creates loads of rivals but at the same time, they will learn to accept the fact that they messed up by doing something wrong and they make up to their beloved ones by apologizing. Yeah! I get it. We don’t often accept our mistakes and we don’t actually say the magic word “Sorry”. We all have that one relationship in life which is sprained because we were hesitant to say the precious word “Sorry”.

It is OK to play and not learn new skills:

The term physical activity drives the parents to think that their kids learn new skill or art. There is no contest for the number of skills the kid knows. Children have excess energy which they got to get out of their system. This necessarily does not mean that they learn new things. Let them play, ” It is OK, to play and not learn new skills”.

Best buddy:

Let the kids decide with whom they should be friends with. As parents, we got to ensure that their friend circle does not bring in the impact of negativity. It is also important that the kids learn to make friends for themselves. Allow them to approach new people. You don’t get to make friends for them. Let them make up, and break up.

Understanding  values:

When kids hang out together they get to learn cultural differences and they will learn to embrace it. It is most important for them to accept that kind of difference. They learn to respect others choice. When they understand the values of different culture we can pave way for harmony in the society.

As Parents, we are responsible for the upbringing of the future of the world. We got to make sure that kids are not exposed to the world of uncertainty. Playing with other kids will make them physically and mentally fit. Allow them to make mistakes and let them learn from it. I am not suggesting that the parents should abandon their kids but let’s not be overly protective that in itself spoils the sport.

What’s your view on being protective with your kid? Share your thoughts in the below comment section.

Aruna Devi

Arunadevi is a fun loving and a people person. She holds an engineering degree in computer science and technology, worked in the corporate world and later, went on to pursue her master's in business management. She believes in feminism and a proud mother of an 8 year old kid. She is one among those , who thinks the world becomes a better place to live in with sharing and communicating. Therefore, she decided to share, and to go for an yet another dream of making "the better we".


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