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Protein Packed Adai Dosa Recipe

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Everyone does have a favorite recipe of your Mom’s menu and this Adai Dosa is one of my favorite recipe.When I was kid I love eating the adai even without any side dish like chutney or whatever.Still I love this adai but never gave a try because I thought making it needs a lot more preparation time. But recently I realized its a myth while talking with my mom and making adai is so easy and instant. Planning of 2 to 3 hours before dinner is far enough to prepare this yummy adai .Another interesting fact is, it’s prepared using variety of lentils thus can be given to anyone regardless of age. Let’s start with this amazing recipe.

Prep Time: 15 mins(excluding soaking time)

Cook Time: Less than 5 mins

Yields: 8 to 10 adais

Recipe Category: Breakfast

Batter Ingredients :

Idly Rice – 1/2 cup

Toor dal/ Thuvaram paruppu – 1/2 cup

Bengal gram/channa dal /Kadalai Paruppu- 1/4 cup

Green Moong Dal/ Pachai Payiru – 1/4 cup

Urad dal/ Ulutham Paruppu – 2 tbsp

Red chilli -3

Ginger -1 small bit

Asafoetida/ hing -1/4 tsp

Salt as required

Oil for making adai.

Ingredients to add to the batter :

Onion -2 finely chopped

Coconut – 1 cup of cut pieces

Curry leaves – 1 sprig

Drumstick leaves -handful

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

Chilly Powder – 1/2 tsp(optional)

Method :

  • Soak rice and dal together for 2- 3 hours and grind it coarsely along with red chillies,ginger and salt.
  • The batter consistency should not be thick or watery.NOw add the finely chopped onions, few tender curry leaves, coconut pieces and drumstick leaves to the batter.
  • Whole coconut was not available so I added grated frozen coconut but its better to add coconut in tiny cut pieces.Adai batter is now ready and let’s start with the dosa process.

  • Heat the dosa tawa and pour a ladle of batter and spread it in circular motion. Remember the adai batter is not so thin like rice dosa batter so dont ty to make it a roast.
  • Drizzle a tsp of oil around the adai and let it get cooked. Once cooked, flip it over to the other side.

  • After both sides are cooked well, remove from tawa and serve it hot with chutney or idly podi.

Tips :

  • Adjust the onion and coconut levels according to the batter.
  • Drumstick leaves does the magic of adai and it is healthy too so try not to avoid adding it.

Ready to try? Let me know how it came and share your recipe ideas and suggestions with me.

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      Thank you Sreedeep and yes onion chutney and aviyal are my favorite accompaniment for the adai dosa.

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      Thank you Damyanti. I’m glad you like it. I have never tried Gujarati Cheela. I’m tempted to try one!!

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    Yummmmm this looks and sounds amazing and I cant wait to try it out. I need to plant my morings leaves sapling ASAP now….

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      Aww.. Thank you shalz. Try it and let me know. I’m eager to hear from you..

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      Thanks for visiting Roshan. Please try it and let me know how you enjoyed having it:)

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      That’s awesome. Never tried with the butter before, Will surely give it a try. Thanks for visiting Ramya.