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Basic Introduction to Quilling for Beginners

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Memoir of Quilling:

Deserving work always has a good comeback story irrelevant of how many times they would fade and the craft world is no exception.Quilling or paper filigree ,the art of rolling paper first came on the scene in the 16th century. It is a timeless craft that can be used for any kind of projects and it enjoyed a surge of popularity by children and adults alike in the ’80s. From decorative items like DIY embellishments for cards and scrapbook pages to wall hangings or coasters ,Paper strips were rolled into incredibly realistic flowers and charming adornments called paper quilling patterns are as versatile as they are beautiful. But such an adorable craft work even had a fade away time.

Thankfully, there were a few dedicated quillers who never gave up and shared their skills and now with the help of new quillers this so called outdated craft has got a fresh trendy look along with the dedicated quillers experience.
If you are new to quilling, it is very easy to begin by and let me warn you its very addictive.Learning how to make basic coils,basic floral patterns,leaf patterns to form the foundations for most of these paper quilling projects will soon make you a quilling expert.I know once you learned the quilling craft your life would be completely changed opening a gate to Paper Crafting world.Are you ready to embellish a few of the more contemporary quilling ideas that have been made the quillers to addict for.

Things to know before starting any quilling project :

Here you can find the basic quilling patterns for beginners,some of my craft work and how to do it and some quilling ideas which i been inspired.So once you are one step ahead as a beginner you can look into those inspired ideas and can upgrade your Quilling projects.

Basic Shapes for Beginners


Some upgraded shapes
Some upgraded shapes




Step by step guide

Once you are ready to create these basic shapes you can start with some mini projects like customized photo frame,greeting cards etc… For making jewellery apart from quilling kit you need some basic stuff like stud pin which can be bought on amazon.com or Walmart.

To start with quilling buy a quilling kit which may include slotted tool, needle tool, fine-tip tweezers, sizer ruler, quilling paper, craft glue and instructions.Click the below link to buy the quilling kit.


Let’s get started and indulge in this fun making creative craft work and surprise your family and friends.


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