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6 Simple Tips To Raise Mentally Strong Kids

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In today’s lifestyle, nuclear families are predominant. Kids retreat to their own shell. We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of raising mentally strong kids but do we actually train them to face the real world? Even though we invest as much time with our kids to develop their mental strength kids are easily heartbroken when they have to face the tough times. Right from the moment, they step out of the home they are challenged by hurdles of different forms and nature. A student who clears the toughest exam gives up his life when stumbled upon a first real-time problem.  Challenges, hardship and setbacks are inevitable. How successful can your kids really become if they’re timid and insecure? Here are six simple tips you need to teach right away to help your kids become the strongest and best version of themselves:

It’s ok to fail:

Teach your kid that they don’t need to worry about mastering everything that they wish for. It’s ok to have a setback. Even after trying earnestly they might fail in their pursuit. Make them understand that the world is full of opportunity and recognizing it is what actually matters.

It’s ok to give up:

Sometimes courage lies in giving up but kids have a hard time understanding it when their effort doesn’t pay off. Reiterate to your kids that their effort might not lead them to the first place always. It might not be their call. At times letting go of certain things might revitalize your kid’s energy. It will give them the clear perspective of a bigger picture.

It’s ok to be mocked:

The world is bright but not always colorful. Prepare your kids for criticism. Let them know that the world will always judge them. Help them understand if they are to keep criticism close to their heart they are bound to be derailed from their track.

It’s ok as long as you progress:

Success is a step by step progress. Make them believe that if they are one step ahead of yesterday, they have done a good job. Pat their back and encourage them to do their best.

It’s ok to reach rock-bottom:

Fall down seven times, get up the eighth time. Make them understand that reaching rock bottom is not a problem but the real problem lies when one fails to climb up. Motivate your kids to stand up for what they believe.

More Importantly,

Stay Strong:

Being strong is not an option anymore its a necessity. Teach them they got to be strong to handle the curveballs that life threw at them. The struggles they face will make them strong when they decide not to surrender. When people around you, expect you to fall on your knees and give up show that you are much more than that. You don’t have to prove anyone other than yourself about what you are capable of.

Children love to learn and experiment with new activities. This goal-oriented society and judging world which acknowledges only success and winning could eventually disappoint and frustrate your kid. Teaching them to stay mentally strong is the real solution to help them reach their greatest potential in life.

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Aruna Devi

Arunadevi is a fun loving and a people person. She holds an engineering degree in computer science and technology, worked in the corporate world and later, went on to pursue her master's in business management. She believes in feminism and a proud mother of an 8 year old kid. She is one among those , who thinks the world becomes a better place to live in with sharing and communicating. Therefore, she decided to share, and to go for an yet another dream of making "the better we".


  1. Avatar

    The more we prepare kids for the world, instead of pampering them and always trying to pick them up, the better equipped they are to handle life. Very well written 🙂 It’s completely ok to fail and give up, but staying strong is what is important.

  2. Avatar

    Experiencing failure and setbacks and learning to bounce back is the most important thing children ought to learn today. Considering how overprotective we tend to get, we need to learn to let go, sometimes. Learn to let go and watch how they pick themselves up and keep moving ahead despite the fall.
    Great post, Suja!

  3. Avatar

    This is such a valuable post in the modern context. The trouble these days is that no child is ever allowed to taste failure what with the ‘we are all winners’ tag line. That hurts them in the long run. What is said is right – we as parents have to teach them that one will hit rock bottom at some point in life and that that’s not the end.