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Hi, Mommies! Glad you stopped by. Do you think having a baby means the end of enjoying the hobbies?No, actually not, until or unless you are passionate about what you do. Being a Passionate Mom is the dream of every woman. They always try to balance both worlds.Playing a mother role and trying to be a Mompreneur ( the portmanteau of “mom” and “entrepreneur,”) is not an easy task. But I know ladies, Mommies will never get tired on attaining that goal. No matter what kind of work you decide to start, it’s important that you’re pursuing it because it’s fulfilling and you’re passionate about it. So for those women who have a great interest towards home décor and always have a passion for trying out new recipes,this place is worth a try.This website is a great spot for Mom’s looking for Parenting tips, Cooking Recipes and Diy Craft Project Ideas.