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Spectacular Wall Art Decor DIY Idea from Paper Crafts

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Inexpensive decorating ideas never fails to impress me and this is one of a kind. The Wall art which I am going to share here is created using the color papers by ” Bhuvi” my close friend come craft mate. My fellow readers who have been following my blog since while are well known about her and some crafts made by her which I have already published before. Coming back to the DIY wall art idea it is a beginner craft idea, a little interest and unwavering patience will do the magic of creating this wall art in no time. I was astonished on seeing the art and I couldn’t resist from posting the ideas for the beloved crafters and thanks to her for sharing the pics with me and allowing me to post them. The interesting fact about the craft is you need not require to go on a shopping spree for collecting the materials required to create this wall art as it involves some basic items which will be mostly available in our home.

Materials Required :

Color paper



Glue Dot

Heart shape- template Printout


  • Download a perfect template with heart shapes of various sizes and make a print out.
  • Trace the shapes in the color papers of various sizes and cut it through perfectly using scissors.
  • Fold and unfold the hearts to create the folding line which makes pasting easy.

  • Paste the hearts of same shape over one another applying glue on the centre vertically so that foldable and layered hearts will be ready as shown in the picture.
  • Now decide the formation and start pasting the foldable layered hearts directly in the wall using glue dot.
  • Alternatively you can paste in the color sheet that matches well with your wall color and finally paste the sheet in the wall.

Thats It!! A simple but effective Home decor DIY idea is live on the wall to surprise your guests.


Tips :

  • If you are more creative you can change the shapes, colors and formation and create something new.
  • You can even paste the formation in a paper and frame it as a painting(without the glass – which might interrupt with the foldings) and hang it in the living room. This way  you can become an artist on hanging your own art.

Are you a DIY craft person? Then share your ideas with me and don’t forget to post your comments and photos in the comments section.

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    This wall art is beautiful! It would make a great entry at the Home Matters link party that opens tonight at midnight EST and goes through Monday. You can go to finditfixitorbuildit.com to submit your entry.

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      Thank you Sara and thanks again for letting me know the Home Matters Link Party.Will surely submit my post.