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Speech Delay or Late Blooming ? Time to check on Toddlers.

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Speech delay is the most common issue I am hearing about around my circle of family and friends.I have been very depressed on seeing some parents worrying about their kid’s development especially kids struggling on attaining their language development ability.That’s why I decided to give some advice on what to do and how to overcome this issue.

When you are actually worried and talk about this to your friends and family you may get an answer such as “My son was slow too. Now he won’t shut up” or “Don’t worry, she’ll outgrow it.” I am not saying these people are lying that may be a real experience, But what if (s)he doesn’t? you would feel guilty waiting and then finding out that you should have acted earlier, that feeling kills you. So whether it is to be concerned or s(he) is a late bloomer, let time decide.I know waiting is so hard, especially when you are concerned and only want what’s best for your child. But why should you be waiting simply without even giving a try?

Parents think kids just grow and do things at each stage on their own.Yes,I agree with you kids do develop their own skills on attaining each milestone but that’s not completely true. Even you would have heard stories from your parents saying you did this in so and so age like that, but they too forget to tell you they were spending a lot of time with you speaking. There is a great difference between kids learning on their own and kids taken care by their parents. I am not asking any parent to train your kid.They are not any interns expecting training.Kids are just kids they need affection, care and LOT OF SPEECH.

Just talk with them even though you are not that good in kid-talk you can just talk about stuff like how was your day, what’s your plan tomorrow,what you like or dislike.They need to hear a lot of words which develops their vocabulary. Even you can use some better words rather using simple words like an automobile for cars,because however, their language skill is now like a clean page where they can store all the words and use in future.

Parents don’t have to rely on the predictions of other parents or comparing with a neighbour’s children to guess that their child will be just like a friend’s and eventually catch up in language development.Then you are doing no good for your kid.Parent’s instinct is the best one, so considering the language ability development comparing doesn’t work.Instead, care for your kid just watch them grow and spend time with them,literally talk a lot with them.For stimulating the language development in your kid, start with doing some general tests which include hearing and responding.

Signs your Child is ready to learn :

Hearing: Make sure whether your baby is hearing your voice or any other sounds.

Responding : Enable them to respond to you like calling out their name, tell them to pick something etc..and see they are reacting for that.

If this both can be done by your kid then it’s a great sign for starting the language development.

The most important part on before starting this is a “BIG NO” to T.V or Mobile phones or Laptop.Never accompany your kids with any rhymes video just for spending your time peacefully or for completing your household chores.Rhymes doesn’t to any educational support for your kids under age 2.“When the TV is on, the parent is talking less. There is some scientific evidence that shows that the less talk time a child has, the poorer their language development is,” according to Dr. Ari Brown, a member of the AAP.

It’s time to help your children progress in language development.so let me explain to you what can be done and how can be achieved?

Parents Attitude on Handling their Kids :

Participation : Enter into your baby’s world especially moms who spend a lot of time with your kid. Change into your kid’s favourite character and play with them which enables them to engage with your play.The more devotion and excitement you show, the better your child’s attitude will be.

Motivation : Never ever talk about your kid negatively.Even though the child cannot understand what you are saying, reiterating the negative words like” he doesn’t talk much, he doesn’t hear me, she doesn’t participate” it just makes your kid’s confident vanish in a minute. Then they never gonna be willing to learn and find them as a loser once they grow. Being a parent you should underestimate your kid’s skill.Motivating your kid’s attitude towards learning and speaking make them more focused and interest on knowing things.

Activities on Developing Language Skills :

Roleplay : Roleplay with your kid for engaging your kid in conversation.For example, you can role play like cat and dog which makes them responsive and react to your game and starts learning new words.

Read Books to them : Reading can be started once your kid is 12 months.It’s the best time to introduce books to your kids even though they start to focus on the 15th month. Reading encourages your kids to focus and learn new words.Reading stories even develops your kid’s imagination too.

Avoid Rhymes time : Allowing your toddler watching rhymes on any device makes your kid talk less and it is harming your kid’s eyes.It also interferes with the sleep cycle of your kid.

Try using new and different words : Whenever you talk with your kids irrespective of your kids listening or not try using new words each time.For the same meaning use different words which make your kids learn new words.For example, you can say cars or automobiles or vehicles or four wheeler.

Social Get together  : Taking your kids out to neighbour’s home, public parks , birthday functions where many children and persons get together.This enables your kid ti interact and play with the children playing there.

These are the activities we can do for the kids to make them talk.Even your kids are late bloomers it might help them. So, engage with your kids and make use of the waiting time for a better opportunity.Waiting to find out if your child will catch up will still be hard, but you won’t feel guilty that you did not do everything you could.


Still, these methods never gave any green signal to move forward then talking about this with her/his health care provider is a good option.Observing your kids makes the job much easier to understand their needs .Even some children are advised to take some speech therapy which is a good option to try.Never panic when your doctor refers your kid to any therapy.Without trying to solve the problem is worse than making some serious decision for your kid’s best life.To learn more about the speech and language milestones click here. Go ahead,just talk with your kids and love them unconditionally and be a great parent by understanding their needs.








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    Dinesh Kumar Gopal Reply

    Very nice content. Informative and thought provoking. Few points here holds good for all parents even though our children reach all the growth milestones on time, observing them keenly helps us to know them better. Only if we observe them we will know whether they are do everything as expected. And one more point that comes to mind is all the above points mentioned by the author should be a continuous process. Reading to kids, talking to them all of these has to continue prolongly. Hope all the kids get the best parental care.

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    Good one Sindhu. Also wanted to emphasize that talking to your kid in adult tone is better than childish words. Speak to them clearly as you speak to adults make them understand better.

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    Hi Sind, Very good content. It is really nice to see you blogging. All the very best. 🙂

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    The blog was awesome and very informative.Even my cousin son does the same and we were trying some speechanges therapy.Thanks a lot..

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      suja Reply

      Thanks for the comment Priya and by the way how is the kid now?