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Spicy Bittergourd Stir Fry/Paavakkai Varuval Recipe

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Having Bitter gourd/Paavakkai is always a nightmare for me until I tried this recipe.I never liked it but unfortunately, it’s my hubby’s favorite.I still remember swallowing the bitter gourd by drinking water at last in the meal during my childhood because my mom never allows me to skip the veggies regardless I like it or not:) I know that’s what all parents do and I am continuing that to my daughter now.

Not to mention, my hubby do love this paavakkai varuval and me having this recipe is not a problem anymore which encourages me to cook often.The interesting part of this recipe is it requires very fewer ingredients.So, why don’t you give it a try and make this recipe as an often dish in your family’s menu?After all, a healthy recipe comes with least bitterness.Let’s get started.

Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 10 mins

Serves: 2 to 3

Recipe Category: Lunch Accompaniments/Poriyal & Koottu Varieties



Bitter gourd/Paavakkai – 2 big

Chilly powder- 1 tbsp

Salt – to taste


Method :

  • Wash and remove the tapering ends of the bitter gourd and remove the seeds(optional).Chop the bitter gourd into very thin pieces
  • Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a kadai, add the chopped bitter gourd and saute for a while.Sprinkle salt over the bitter gourd and saute it keeping the flame on medium or low.
  • Once the bitter gourd is golden brown add the chilly powder and saute until paavakkai reaches the crisp or fried consistency.If required add some oil.

  • That’s It! Crispy Bitter gourd Stirfry/Paavakkai Varuval is ready to be served.This is a great accompaniment for any sambar and rasam.


  • Slice the bitter gourd/paavakkai into very thin pieces.Cooking the paavakkai in a very thin form.Fortunately, reduces the bitterness somewhat.
  • Making this recipe little spicy overlaps the bitter taste.
  • Removing the seeds is optional still, my mom cooks paavakkai with seeds.

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